Alternative medicine.

Today among the methods of treatment, all becoming more and more popular alternative medicine. What is the reason of this phenomenon?

First of all, I want to say that alternative therapies do not deny the achievements of classic medicine and not oppose her. On the contrary, alternative medicine widely uses knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, immunology, to support their treatment methods and the most effective ways of healing people. Just alternative medicine – a look at the body in a slightly different plane.

Outstanding representatives of alternative medicine, recognized by classical medicine are homeopathy, reflexology and osteopathy*. Classical medicine had made even these specialties in their registers combined with rehabilitation medicine and neurology. This is understandable, because what effectively should serve the people.

And though not all surgeons and pharmacists recognize the achievements of their fellow homeopaths, reflexologist and osteopaths, may focused on profit from the sale of drugs and operations, they are not trying to understand the mechanisms of action of alternative methods – this does not detract from the statistical data about the benefits of alternative medicine.

It should be noted that the term “alternative” medical lexicon poyavilsya not so long ago and is more successful, to better reflect the essence of the direction than the earlier terms “non-traditional” (as opposed to classical medicine) and “traditional” (implying that many methods have their roots in ancient knowledge and is not a given that classical medicine was born from the works of Hippocrates more than two thousand years).

Common to all areas of alternative medicine is its holistic approach to the body. According to these concepts, man is not seen as a set of systems (cardiovascular, nervous, bronchopulmonary. immune, musculoskeletal, genitourinary, gastrointestinal, and other), and as a unified structure in which all these systems are inextricably linked and provide the common function of maintaining life. In featured and from symptomatic approach of the classics, when the treatment is carried out where it hurts, and lies in mitigating or eliminating the symptoms (increased temperature, vascular spasm, increasing the pressure), without regard to the cause, representatives of alternative medicine aimed at addressing the root of the problem. And rightly so, because often symptoms are simply a manifestation of the defensive reactions of the organism, it attempts to compensate for the primary lesion. Suppress the temperature of the aspirin and You break the process of destroying viruses and bacteria, for which high blood temperature is detrimental, resulting in protracted chronic disease, frequent relapses. Representatives of alternative medicine in this case will be looking for ways to enhance the internal defense forces of the organism for the speedy victory over the pathogen and even more globally, will seek answers to the questions, “why weak immune system, why does the body allowed the microbes to grow and cause disease?”

Consider as an example one of the directions of alternative medicine – osteopathy.

Osteopathy is translated from Latin as osteo – bone body structure, patio – pathology, the cause of the disease. The founder of osteopathy Andrew Taylor still believed that the cause of any disease in violation of its good blood supply and innervation. If the body is not getting enough nutrients, if the products of metabolism are not eliminated in a timely manner from the tissues, if the control of the nervous system ineffective – developing organ damage and disease.

What may serve as a prerequisite to disruption of the blood supply and innervation?

According to Dr. Steele is first and foremost a violation of the provisions of bones, dislocation of joints, cramps in muscle-fascial structures. If the bone is not in its place, she will push, pinch nearby neurovascular bundles and disrupt the function of their fueled and controlled by authorities. In addition, displaced bones will cause local pain, the source of the bodily absorption, adaptation resources, a common cause of fatigue and weak resilience. The offset in the neck lead to disorders of cerebral circulation – headaches (migraines), mood instability, sleep disorders, swelling of the face, occurrence of infectious and other pathological processes in the head. In addition, violation of the neck will affect the cardiovascular system, drops in pressure, the work of the hands, numbness of fingers, development of dystonia. Thoracic not least, it affected his heart and lungs, affects the shoulder joint and function of the gastrointestinal tract. Pain in the stomach, gastritis, dyskinesia. the development of peptic ulcers – symptoms of thoracic. The lumbar is not only a pain in the back, shot in the legs, coldness and numbness in my feet and disorders of functions of pelvic, urogenital and gynecological system, of the kidney.

Eliminating displacement of the bones, removing muscle spasms, restoring the bodies proper position, osteopath contributes to the speedy restoration of blood circulation and innervation . the inclusion of systems of self-regulation and the return of normal function and therefore health.

Thus, methods of osteopathy are soft and precision . Unlike a chiropractor (chiropractic – daughter of osteopathy, have adopted only part of the quick, obvious, and quite traumatic techniques early osteopathy), an osteopath will not break and hurt You. On the contrary, during an osteopathic session, the gradual elimination of muscle spasms and normalization of the situation of the bones, will come a deep sense of relaxation, harmony and tranquility . Nervous system healthy and balanced. Using different arm movements, pushing, stretching, rhythmically articulating and guiding the joints, the osteopath performs the actions, not like a regular massage, but no less pleasant and far more valuable.

Osteopathic techniques are very diverse. Each patient selected individual impact, according to his diseases and General somatic status. Someone more shows with a skull and a session of osteopathic treatment will include many craniosacral techniques, to someone important to study the abdomen, and then the doctor will apply the methods visceral osteopathy, for someone the root cause is a muscle-fascial structure – it will be shown techniques on skeletal-ligamentous-muscular apparatus. It is important to ensure free flow of liquids and good flexibility in all the structures of the human body.

Despite the fact that in the West osteopathy has existed for over one hundred and thirty years. in Russia it has been known since the mid-nineties. Since 1995, there are several osteopathic schools that provide training according to European standards of osteopathic education. General course for physicians with a medical degree and a specialist’s certificate is 4 years. Since 2003, the osteopathy is recognized by official medicine as part of rehabilitation medicine.

Being safe and highly effective method of treatment and prevention of diseases, osteopathy may be used to maintain health since the first hours of a child’s life and to a ripe old age.

For further information about osteopathy, reflexology, su-Jok therapy, homeopathy and other areas of alternative medicine You can find on site osteopathic physician . neurologist, podiatrist, reflexologist Smirnov Alexander Naryshkin.

*Articles on osteopathy and the osteopath are informative, not an advertisement of services.

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