Garlic: the time-tested recipes of traditional medicine

The healing properties garlic has long been known. The use of this plant in folk medicine due to its versatile and unique biochemical composition. The most popular is garlic in treating a variety of respiratory diseases (ARI, acute respiratory viral infections, including influenza, the common cold, sinusitis, bronchitis, laryngitis, etc.). This collection of recipes will help you to solve many health problems and improve the health of all organs and systems. To begin, consider what medicinal properties of the plant-healer garlic .

Medicinal qualities of garlic:

— antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral;


— diuretic;

— antiseptic;

— stimulates the process of digestion;

— sclerotic;

— regenerating;

— tonic;

— immunomodulatory;

— tonic.

Recipes based on garlic

The bulbs for the production of medicaments should select the best – big, juicy, free from mechanical damages and signs of decay. It is advisable to use garlic grown on their own country site or purchased from a reputable supplier. The fact that the garlic imported or domestic, commercially produced, may butobarbital various chemicals.

Preparation: 2-3 medium head of peeled garlic in a blender to grind or to scroll through Mincer, add 0.5 liters of vodka or diluted in a ratio of 1:1 purified water medical alcohol, tightly close the lid and insist in a dark place for 9 days.

Recommendations: the bottle for the preparation of tinctures need to choose from a dark glass with a glass lid. In the process of preparing the composition it must daily shake.

Application: 10 drops three times a day half an hour before a meal.

In what diseases it is recommended that this tool:

a) flatulence (flatulence), intestinal atony, colitis (effectively suppresses the intensive processes of fermentation and putrefaction in the intestine);

b) gout;

b) rheumatism;

g) urinary – and renal – stone disease;

d) worm infestation.

Preparation: chopped 2-4 large pieces of zubochkov pour 150-200 ml of boiling water and boil in an enamel or ceramic container on low heat for about 5 minutes. Allow to cool naturally and strain.

Recommendations: in the liquid mineral salts are preserved, and most of the volatile compounds evaporated or destroyed by exposure to high temperatures. A decoction of it is advisable to take only freshly prepared.

Application: 100 ml single tool strong enough so that between doses must be at least 4 hours.

In what diseases it is recommended that the tool: respiratory, inflammatory diseases of the nasopharynx, including infectious nature.

A cold compress of broth.

Preparation: soak in cold broth, which was put 5-10 drops of fresh lemon juice, soft cloth, preferably linen.

Application: to put on the sore spot and hold until the cloth heats up to body temperature, to change to a new (cooler).

In what diseases it is recommended that this tool:

a) burns;

b) sciatica;

b) a sprain;

d) muscle pain;

d) toothache.

Tincture of Apple cider vinegar.

Preparation: 7-9 medium zubochkov pound with a porcelain or wooden mortar pestle, place the pulp in a dark bottle, pour 0.5 liters of wine or Apple cider vinegar and 0.1 liters of vodka (you can substitute diluted 1:1 rubbing alcohol), tightly resealed and put in a cool dark place for infusion, occasionally intensely shaking the mixture. After 14-15 days the solution to drain efficiently and to introduce a 17-18 drops of the pure essential oils of eucalyptus, thoroughly shaken.

Recommendations: infusion effectively stimulates blood circulation in the capillaries, relieves muscle tension.

Application: composition is intended for topical application – massage, massage, rubbing, compresses, rubbing.

In what diseases it is recommended that this tool:

a) rheumatoid arthritis;

b) psoriasis;

C) lupus erythematosus;

g) other skin diseases.

Preparation: half Cup garlic pulp pour in an enamel pot the same amount of natural honey (the darker varieties, for example, Heather, buckwheat) or molasses (high quality), put the container on low heat and stirring continuously until the mixture is smooth. Then, the container cover and re-heat to boiling, making sure that the composition does not burn and does not stick to the bottom. Remove from heat and strain hot.

Recommendations: the composition is poured into a glass jar or bottle with a tight lid and store in the fridge. This tool is perfectly suitable for children.

Application: children the dosage is a teaspoon, adults – a tablespoon. The reception every hour.

In what diseases it is recommended that this tool: cough, bronchitis, tracheitis, laryngitis, inflammatory diseases of the nasopharynx, acute respiratory disease, SARS.


a) a few cloves of garlic, pour a glass of the kipyatkov and let it sit in a saucepan with a thick bottom on low heat for about 15 minutes, cool slightly and inject 5 ml of lemon juice.

Recommendations: this recipe helps with runny nose and nasal congestion.

Application: to breathe over the steam to cool the liquid, first with one nostril, then the other.

b) a liter of boiling water, pour in an earthen jar and enter 15-20 ml garlic tincture (vodka or alcohol).

Recommendations: this inhalation helps to alleviate chest pain, to relieve cramps, ease headache.

Application: breathe in pairs over a jug, covering your head with a towel, for 5 minutes.

b) to cut medium or large slice onion into 2-3 pieces and breathe garlic fumes both nostrils for at least 10 minutes.

Recommendations: this method promotes abundant separation of mucus from the nasal cavity, hold in readiness a handkerchief.

Application: to repeat the procedure at least 5-7 times a day.

In what diseases it is recommended that this tool: inhalations are useful in cough, rhinitis, sinusitis and diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Treatment garlic is not only effective but also safe, unlike the use of chemical drugs, in most cases with some side effects.

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