Dysbacteriosis treatment of folk remedies

Literally in the first weeks of life the newborn his intestines populated by normal flora, which he receives with milk of mother and food. And its composition should be relatively constant throughout a person’s life, despite the influence of the environment. It should be so.

The composition of the normal microflora of the intestine is mostly anaerobic flora: lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, Bacteroides. Flora performs is very important for whole body function. Leading here, of course, is antagonistic (protective) function, through which continuously monitored the composition of conditionally-pathogenic microflora. We said earlier that the normal intestinal microflora is involved in the synthesis of vitamins: B1, B2, B6, B12, B15, K, folic acid, Biotin.

The enzymatic (catalytic) function is manifested by the splitting of starch, fiber, protein residues food.

Important function — immunization: the synthesis of immunoglobulins, phagocytosis, etc.

What do we understand under dysbacteriosis? The dysbacteriosis is change of a quantitative and qualitative composition of the natural microflora — time! This overgrowth of pathogenic microflora in the intestinal lumen or two!

The symptoms of dysbiosis

The manifestation of dysbacteriosis of the intestines in infants

Rebookable to light, have sterile intestines. At the time of birth is the colonization of bacteria through the birth canal. Breastfeeding in five to seven days the stomach and intestines of full-term babies is filled with bifidobacteria. A month-to-child populated by lactobacilli. These bacteria ranges from 90-95% of the normal intestinal flora. Such a balance is the optimum environment for a child. Imbalance of microflora causes goiter. The absence of at least one kind of bacteria leads to the breakdown of stool, decreased immunity, metabolic disorders, rickets, and allergies.

The presence of disease can tell: small weight gain, dermatitis, thrush (stomatitis), loss of appetite, bad breath, flatulence, regurgitation, vomiting, salivation. Usually, infection of the intestines in infants is accompanied by dysbiosis.

The manifestation of dysbiosis in adults

Any kind of dysbiosis – intestinal, vaginal, candidiasis of the oral cavity and mucous membranes occurs because of several reasons. These causes include: stress, depression, antibiotics, hormones, a large number of drugs, gastro-intestinal tract. On the skin can lead to irritation, pimples. The person feels irritated, tired, disturbed sleep. The disease may be accompanied by anemia.

What manifests itself in goiter? There is no doubt that this diagnosis is exclusively the doctor, on the basis of complaints, clinical picture and data of additional methods of examination. But to suspect the presence of this disease you can for a number of symptoms. First of all, this:

the disorder of the chair for a long time.

Having persistent or recurrent pain in the umbilical region, in the iliac regions or across the abdomen, associated with increased gas, bloating and rumbling, intolerance to various foods (milk, spicy, fried food), which previously never had and which manifests itself in different symptoms.

Along with these changing symptoms and overall health:

you receive unexplained weakness,


often joint pain

small, low-grade fever (37,0-37,2 “), is not constant, often active in the daytime.

If during long time you suffer these symptoms, especially aggravated by errors in diet, a thorough examination, including deep laboratory diagnostics, to identify the type and form of intestinal dysbiosis, as it directly affects the tactics of further treatment and subsequent prevention of this condition.

Treatment of dysbacteriosis is often long and even tedious, painful process. But there is no other way. Treatment of dysbacteriosis is carried out exclusively under medical supervision.

However, a number of tips from our experience we can give you in this Chapter.

Diet for intestinal dysbiosis

Eliminate spicy and fatty foods.

Eat fewer foods that contain excess sugar (cakes, candies, cakes), as they enhance the fermentation processes in the intestinal lumen.

Do not drink water during meals, since water dilutes the gastric juice and food is digested worse.

Try not to drink tea or coffee immediately after meals.

Try not to drink alcohol, but if without it you can not do, we give preference to strong drinks — vodka, whiskey, beer, wine, champagne can cause aggravation, discomfort and quite often put you in an uncomfortable position, when suddenly loud growling stomach at the table, among the guests.

Try not to eat sauerkraut, homemade pickles, eat less salads containing cellulose, since cellulose irritate the colon and patients with bacterial overgrowth may cause diarrhoea (diarrhea). Cellulose, or vegetable fibre, contained in foods such as cabbage, beets, lettuce, spinach.

Stale bread is better or paucity.

Make the focus in the diet on proteins, i.e. meat, but only in boiled or steamed form.

And most importantly, despite the diversity of diets in those or other pathological conditions that do not emphasize meals, as well as its quantity. Eat when you want, and as much as you like, tells you how your body. He’s better than any doctor, “knows” how much and when you need to eat.

Remember that each body is individual. Listen to yourself. Nobody knows you better than yourself. If some foods cause you discomfort and aggravation, then please refrain for a while from this food, in spite of their habits, as proper nutrition is an important component in the treatment of dysbacteriosis. The leading element in the treatment of dysbacteriosis is the reception of biological preparations with bifido-bacteria, Lactobacillus.

The great Russian physiologist Ilya Mechnikov discovered the important role of these bacteria in the human body. Currently, a large number of drugs of this group, but not all of them justify their purpose.

Yet the greatest effect have the drugs in capsules, as they are not destroyed in the stomach under the influence of hydrochloric acid and, if properly structured use of freely settle in the intestine. Bifidumbacterin dry, dissolved in water, are killed in the stomach by 90% and in excess of the antigenic load the organism is not bring. Yes, unfortunately, good preparations, such as Bifiform, acidophilus plus, are not cheap, but justified.

Prevention of intestinal dysbiosis

A good preventive effect have the bifidokefirs. Given their availability, we recommend them to all.

Of course, any treatment depends upon the cause of the disease. If the dysbacteriosis caused by antibiotics, these tips will help you. If you suffer from dysbacteriosis on the background of chronic diseases of the organ or organs of the gastrointestinal tract (cholelithiasis, pancreatitis, hepatitis, cirrhosis, etc.), it is necessary to treat the underlying disease in parallel with the treatment of dysbacteriosis.

Comprehensive treatment includes such known methods as infusions and decoctions of herbs.

Herbal treatment for disbacteriosis

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