Physiotherapy: the treatment of sinusitis, pneumonia, otitis

Most of us on the physical representation of the primitive: heating, irradiation with light and all that jazz. Actually, physiotherapy is a lot of different methods of treatment of diseases. About their capabilities, says physiotherapist Elena Lakinska.

Effectively, but is it safe?

“Physio” in Greek means “nature” – that is, treatment with natural or, as experts say, physical factors. At first glance, strange: in any clinic in the physiotherapy – solid technique, what’s the nature? The trick is that these methods of treatment based on the use of electrical, magnetic, electromagnetic fields, energy of light radiation, mechanical stress and so on. Is it safe for the child – a question that is often asked by parents, after all now heard about the negative effects of electrosmog and other unpleasant things. Actually, these are two different things.

Smart machines and devices, created by scientists, can achieve a very soft and gentle effects on the body. Such “intervention” much “more natural” (in the language of professionals – fizjologiczne) than, for example, the effects of many drugs and especially scalpel, because ispolzovanija factors the human body reacts much “safer”. Although, of course, one does not completely replace: the disease is different, and situations. Today, physical therapy can effectively treat (and prevent!) a variety of diseases: allergic, nervous system, ear-throat-nose, internal organs, skin, musculoskeletal system – you name it. Young patients such procedures like much better than pills or injections. And treatment of diseases with pleasure – another important success factor. In modern physiotherapy there are plenty of methods, let us consider the most common.

One of the new methods of treatment – SCENAR-therapy: apparatus generates electromagnetic pulses, very “similar” to the impulses of the human nervous system

SCENAR-devices “hold” a biological feedback with the organism: tracking response of the impact, changing it so as to achieve the maximum effect of treatment. Today this method is used for the treatment of ENT diseases, diseases of internal organs, allergies, etc.

Old and new friends

The most popular trend in physical therapy” electrotherapy. Electrophoresis is perhaps one of the most famous “baby procedures.” The essence of the method is that the medicine is injected into the body using direct current. It would seem, why – because you can give the child a pill, a potion, a shot. But the meaning is great! Any drug distributed throughout the body and along with the expected action may have and side. In addition, it is necessary to use a much larger amount of the drug. During electrophoresis the concentrated medication directly into the diseased lesion, forming a so-called cutaneous depot, from which it slowly enters the body (so lasts longer). A big plus of this treatment and that the drug does not irritate the lining of the gastrointestinal tract.

Electrophoresis technique is widely used in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system, dental, musculoskeletal, respiratory, perinatal encephalopathy, and many others. Iontophoresis can be assigned to kids from 3-4 weeks.

On UHF, many of us know from childhood, but not everyone knows: treats ultrahigh electromagnetic field. Its energy affects inflammatory processes. Such a treatment can be prescribed even to infants. The specificity of UHF is that in contrast to most other methods, it can be used for the treatment of acute purulent processes – for example, sinusitis, otitis, furunculosis, etc., Prescribe such procedures and after pneumonia, bronchitis, cholecystitis, diseases of the genitourinary system and others.

The choice of those or other methods of physiotherapy treatment, the duration of the course depend on many factors: the age of the child, the nature of the disease, individual reactions to the procedure.

Physiotherapy procedures cannot be performed in the acute phase of the disease. They appoint only at the stage of remitting and remission.

Going with the child on reception to the therapist, be sure to tell your doctor not only about the disease, what medications he receives, but about the General state of his health. This is especially important if the child suffers from some chronic diseases.

Long live the light!

The treatment of ultraviolet and infrared rays is very useful, say the doctors. However, we all heard about the dangers of UV rays. Getting on the skin, they “start” Photochemical reactions, which can occur with various disorders and mutations – that’s why we insistently repeat: use the sun with caution. But if so, is it harmful ultraviolet radiation child?

In medical procedures it is used in small doses and has a restorative effect, activates the body’s defenses. Because of the bactericidal properties of ultraviolet rays such procedures are prescribed even for babies with skin diseases, exudative diathesis.

Under the influence of such exposure produces more vitamin D, so often these procedures are used for the treatment and prevention of rickets. (But not during a physiotherapy treatment to give the baby vitamin D!)

Sessions of ultraviolet radiation administered to children suffering from tonsillitis, otitis, rhinosinusitis, but only under stihaniya inflammation or in remission. Use “ultraviolet” and in the treatment of some diseases of the nervous system.

The healing mud treatment the doctor may prescribe only after a comprehensive examination of the child.

From rags – to riches!

Sun, air and water – our best friends! It should be added: and salt, and mud. Actually all of this relates to balneology, a special field of medicine. Typically such treatment is provided in children’s sanatoriums and health resorts. But now there is a special Department in some children’s clinics and hospitals, and medical centers that use natural factors for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. For example, for mud treatments bring natural dirt. Mud therapy is prescribed most often to children after two years. It has a healing effect in diseases of the nervous system, rheumatism, joint diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, chronic pneumonia, tonsillitis, and many others.

You know, how powerful is the effect of salt mines and caves in the treatment of asthma and respiratory diseases.

Now, to complete such course of treatment, it is not necessary to go with a child thousands of miles away. Scientists have created a special chamber that simulates the salt cave, but unfortunately, they are not in every city.

This treatment improves the drainage of the bronchi, stimulates the immune system: after these procedures, patients children much less likely to happen asthma attacks, improves overall health. Widely used in Pediatrics and hydrotherapy, for example, in allergic and diseases of the nervous system.

Most often used for this sea salt, in which many bioactive components, with a beneficial effect on the child’s body. By the way, these baths can be done to the child at home, but, of course, only after consulting your doctor.

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