Where now famous “healers”

20 years ago, in 1993, the Russian Ministry of health has banned bulk sessions of Anatoly Kashpirovsky, Alan Chumak and other psychotherapists. Before five years the country was if under mass hypnosis. People fell asleep to the sounds of the TV. Screens sounded monotonous voice: “Your body is relaxed, arms are heavy. “Or Allan Chumak passes hands loaded creams and water. And the audience put the jars in front of the TV! Where are they now – those, whose concerts in the 90s the Russians were Laden with more than the concerts of pop stars?

The patient boasted of orgasms

The triumphant ascent of the therapist from the Ukraine Anatoly Kashpirovsky began in March ‘ 88. Then it happened first in the provocative television program “the View”.

So, this is live. Kashpirovsky – in Moscow, in the TV Studio “Ostankino”. And for fifteen hundred miles away in Kiev, the surgeons carried out an operation to remove a cancerous tumor in young women. Cut without anesthesia, in a trance a patient was injected with Deepak. The whole country froze at the TV screens! The operation was successful. And the sessions Kashpirovsky people crowded crowds! Strange, but true. To this day the operated patient refuses to communicate with journalists, as if afraid to blurt out the excess.

Through neskolkomi the therapist showed another focus. Now in Tbilisi.

Two girls at the same time doing complex surgery without anesthesia. Kashpirovsky as distance gave orders from Moscow, being in full view of dozens of cameras.

One of the patients, while it was cut, in a frenzy demanded champagne. Second voluptuous moaning. And in the finals reported that he had experienced a few orgasms in a row.

Nothing like that in my memory! – admired who conducted the surgery, the surgeon, Professor George Ioseliani.

One day, a group of respected doctors, wrote a letter to the Russian government with the request to forbid carrying out of mass experiments on human beings. Specific names, however, doctors were not called. The scientists then cry went unanswered.

Kashpirovsky now lives in America. He occasionally visits to Ukraine, where he has an apartment. In Russia one of the Central channels not so long ago, was planning to revive his sessions. However, for some unknown reason changed his mind. It should be noted that Kashpirovsky is still a lot of fans around the world. They sincerely believe: if you attach a photo of the guru to the affected area is healed. And like even there are examples of healing. It is known that the guru of psychotherapy hides her son. The boy from childhood is of a different surname, and his father thwart any attempts of journalists to find its heir.

Longo not so afraid of death, morgue

Yuri Longo became famous “signature trick” – the revival of a corpse.

The main focus of the master was shot in one of the capital’s morgues. On the gurney lay the body, Longo waved, and the body rose up on his “bed”.

The story got into one of TV programs, and the next day the magician woke up a star. Just recently one of his actor friends split, which played the role of the corpse. People from the inner circle told me that after the sensational trick Yuri Andreevich has found phobia: became wildly afraid of morgues. But death is treated philosophically.

Longo passed away in February 2006. He walked away from a sudden illness, although he was healthy as an ox. It was rumored that he sent a spell Grigory Grabovoy. In that time, Longo has sharply condemned its methods of work.

Equally mysterious was the death of known in the 90 healer Nicolai Levashov. He died last summer – full of energy men’s heart stopped. The doctors who conducted the autopsy, were shocked: all the organs, including the heart, were perfectly healthy!

Stefania has renounced magic

It is believed that his gift for unique people have to pay a high price. Some mighty superpowers like hitting the most vulnerable – children.

At the June died in a car accident 26-year-old son Vakho. Although all colleagues of the healer predicted the young man a long life.

June, put on your feet the elite Politburo, has ceased to conduct receptions. It closed in the four walls, and almost anywhere else. Saying she had health problems.

– Don’t you dare to call me more! Curse! said the healer, when we tried to contact her.

Allan Chumak, the good-natured mages from the 90s, too, experienced dark band: his son had been robbed and beaten on the street. Well, alive. Himself a healer, and a former journalist, now retired. It under 80. They say he occasionally charges the creams at the request of his wife and friends.

Maria-Stephania in the 90 treated through the arms and herbal infusions. Said, as a woman heals from all diseases, including cancer. “I can do anything!” – the authoritative said Stephanie. The afflicted were placed in a queue. In gratitude for the healing of people carrying money and valuables. In the beginning Stephanie stopped mass sessions. And the money was transferred to orphanages and nursing homes.

It happened after a series of misfortunes in her life: mother died, and then got sick herself – Oncology. Struggled to his feet. Turned to faith and now says: “Miracles can be done only by God. But we mere mortals don’t.”

By the way

Where are they now?

• Mzia Levashov. In the 90s, the first wife of Nicolai declared themselves Preslica from space to Earth. Treated hands. Now lives in Spain. Declared himself the second coming of Christ. There are rumors about her ill health.

• Anatoly Kondratyev. In the 90s, promised to carry out surgery to replace the soul and all internal organs. According to some reports, went to the monastery.

• Eugene dubitskiy offered to call his counterpart, the phantom, if something hurts or just sad. Promised “come to all”. Now lives in the village, paints and fantastic novels.

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