Like animals treat diseases

For centuries, mankind has treated natural remedies. Basically, it had a healing plant, less minerals, and sometimes animal products: honey, poison, antlers, fat. But few know that the brothers our smaller can heal people with his touch. This treatment is called zootherapy, and now more and more doctors in addition to the traditional medications prescribed to patients communicating with animals.

How animals treat diseases. All about it heard, but how does it happen?

From time immemorial

Officially zootherapy is considered a non-traditional science and very young, but the historical data prove otherwise. For example, nomads from the earliest times treated the snakes by putting these nonpoisonous snakes to the affected area. The Jews, the ancestors of the Israelites, fought with skin diseases with the help of birds, believing that if you put the birdie to the inflamed areas of the body, the illness will pass on it.

The same Jews tried to heal mental anguish through pigs. All the familiar gospel story of how Jesus Christ has carried the demons from the sick man into the herd of pigs. Other researchers believe that in this case there was the transfer of the disease from human to animal biofield. However, this hypothesis has not been proved. We will continue to operate only on verified facts.

Perhaps a leech is the first really useful animal, which was to be treated. These worms-“vampires” known by the ancient Egyptians, the famous physicians Galen, and Avicenna used their patients. In Russia until the mid-nineteenth century, the leech was considered to be the main medicine. During the Crimean war in 1854, she saved a lot of Russian soldiers from blood poisoning. It was filmed by inflammation, heal wounds, did anesthesia. Unfortunately, in Soviet times, a thousand-year experience of treatment with leeches is almost forgotten and once again came into use only in the 90-ies of the last century.

In Europe with the adoption of Christianity zootherapy quickly disappeared and was revived only in the XVIII century, when the British brought from India the custom is to be treated with the help of animals. The residents of Albion have discovered that domestic cats are best suited for animal therapy.

Cat hippocrate

The cat is a real panacea for many illnesses, most notably long-term scientific observations. Doctors have even invented a name for treatment with cats — polynoterapiya. Domestic cats have a positive effect on children with autism. Elderly people with cats get sick less and live longer than their peers without Pets.

Doctor, Professor Gennady Petrakov, argues that cats are superior to cats in therapeutic intervention. Surprisingly, among the tigers room has a kind of specialization in diseases. Cats are better able to treat nervous diseases and diseases of internal organs. Cats specialize in radiculitis, osteochondrosis, arthrosis. Long-haired little furry friends can save their owners from depression, irritability and poor sleep. Plush Pets strengthen a diseased heart, and cats with short fur or no it will heal colitis, gastritis, kidney disease.

Many people noticed that cats unerringly find the sore spot, sit on it and begin to purr. But “Moore is Moore” for a reason. American scientists have established that a cat’s purr speeds up the process of cell regeneration and improves the structure of bone tissue. And cats can massage the diseased parts of the human body with its paws. Scratches on the skin heal almost instantly. But if the room tiger slashes claws with anger or irritation, the wounds will heal very long and painful.

Apparently, not only for catching mice domesticated cats ancient people, but for healing properties, which are always at hand. Best of all this is the case again in England, there pharmacies can purchase a special therapeutic cats.

Horses, dogs and other…

Horses are able to heal like a cat, but the sizes are not allow to keep this pet in the apartment. Therapeutic riding is extremely effective restores man after injuries of the spine, muscle atrophy and paralysis of the legs. Horse race treats cerebral palsy, polio, autism. Horses have a beneficial effect on the psyche. The great Greek physician Hippocrates said that “saddle remove a person from the gloomy thoughts, and brings merry and bright”. Even addictions such as alcoholism and drug addiction, can be treated with the help of horses.

Dogs are famous healers. The Chinese crested dog can normalize the heart rate and blood pressure, relieve asthma or allergies and even slow the formation of cancer cells. Any dog with their presence causes the nervous system to the procedure, improves digestion and liver function.

Golden retrievers, sensitively capture the mood of a person, often working the “male nurses” in hospitals and nursing homes. There have been cases when these dogs are raised terminally ill patients out of wheelchairs. In one of American hospitals has placed the patient, who spoke of 25 years. The medicine was powerless, but when people began to care for the dog, he recovered his speech.

In addition, dogs often serve as a kind of advocates for children: according to statistics, every third child is turning to four-legged friend. In the house where the dogs live, family quarrels occur much less and exercise much more intensively, because these animals are literally forcing their owners to lead an active lifestyle.

Now about the brothers our smaller. Parrots can cure stuttering in a child, skin diseases and neuroses. White rats will ease bouts of arthritis, and if you watch leisurely swimming room the fish, the colds will proceed in a more mild, leave insomnia. People begin to feel a sense of joy and well-being, try to spend more time with family.

In short, Pets give us a good mood and benefit health. If you want to live happily ever after, be sure to get yourself a pet, even a hamster.

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