Hookah: smoke correctly

In the last Millennium, when the Russians had just begun to travel abroad, hookah in Russia was only available if one of the lucky ones, riding the wind in Egypt, returned and brought with him attracted in the country of pyramids is a funny thing. Well, the tobacco took at the same time. Because if the hookah can be, and could be found in antique the East bench that was right next to the Museum of the East, tobacco in the capital and in the afternoon with fire was not to find.

And happy owners overseas diva carried the hookah to all the parties and even took out on hikes, where were lighted in a circle of friends around the campfire.

Whether the case now. Hookahs with tobacco on every corner, in every subway stand. And buy them not only Globetrotters who try fragrant smoke in Turkey and Egypt, but also tourists, never in the East weren’t happening. And therefore do not know what this thing is – hookah and what it needs to do.

The origin of the hookah there are many stories, but most often tell you that the hookah was born in India two thousand years ago, and the first of them consisted of a coconut with two holes, one of which is inserted a straw, the second stacked drug or medicinal herbs, and the inside had water or infusion of herbs.

After Asia got tobacco, hookah, while maintaining the basic principle of inhaling cooled and passed through water, smoke, has changed, but only superficially.

Modern hookahs are composite and grooved and consist of six pieces – cups, saucers, the mine, the bulb and hose terminating in a mouthpiece. Size hookahs are very different – from small Souvenirs up to ten two-meter giants, incidentally, is also calculated only to attract tourists.

For home use or infrequent parties with friends would be the best hookahs ranging in size from 40 inches. Of course, the five-foot giants look great, but to have such a house is worth only if you are sure that it won’t wanna go drag.

Hookahs are made from different materials – from stone and wood to metal, glass, crystal and even a primitive plastic. However, crystal only to make flasks, and these are the most expensive, albeit fragile bulb, and the plastic is allowed in for cheap and not the best versions (if not the mouthpiece). And yet the variety of hookahs is striking and stunning, the new man.

The most common all-metal water pipes and hookahs made of glass and metal. The glass bulb hookah only one drawback – it easily beats, but in a metal can not see exactly how much liquid is poured back. The best flasks are made of crystal, however, and thick Bohemian glass is a great option.

Mine is the top part of the hookah, which first passes through and cools the smoke, because it is better to mine was made from stainless metal, quite heavy and high.

The hoses are leather, plastic and even rubber. The main “thin” place here (as in General in Kalyan) is a leak. Also of importance is the length and thickness of the hose. The longer, the easier it will be to smoke hookah with friends, the thicker the hose, the easier it is to do tightening.

Mouthpieces can be anything from plastic, wooden, made of silver and gold. It is a matter of taste, except that the acrylic glass to her lips to make no sense.

Saucer, on which strewed the ashes, in a good hookah should be detachable and with high margins.

Hookah Cup can be of two types – a narrow bowl with a few holes in the bottom intended for Smoking flavored tobacco, and a wide black bowl for hookah tobacco, with coal placed directly on top, and in the narrow bowls of tobacco served four folded foil with holes, and coal for the tobacco.

In Shisha flask pour cold water or even add ice, water is often diluted with milk or even alcoholic drinks – wine, brandy, absinthe. However, to mix hookah with alcohol – is simple and unattractive. After all, why smoke Shisha? To relax, to spend time with friends, the conversation and meditative, thoughtful Smoking. Any conversation at the hookah will gain a new taste and regularity. So what’s the hurry? The stronger the composition in the flask, the faster and stronger he will rush into the head, and a nice leisurely evening has to be seen.

When a smoker inhales through the mouthpiece, hookah reduced pressure and the external air, passing a red-hot coal, laying on foil, heated and touching the tobacco, it dries up.

Smoke entering the mine is cooled, the impurities which it contained, is deposited on the walls. Next, the smoke passes through the liquid in the flask, where it is still further cooled, humidified and cleaned, buying new shades of taste, if the bulb was not just water.

From this description of the process it is quite clear that from time to time, the hookah must be clean and washed. On the walls of it remain the tar and impurities, which would interfere with spoil the taste of tobacco and close the way of smoke.

Selection of tobacco in Russia today is very wide – from dry (and still not dry such as pipe grade) ferrous non-aromatic TOBACCOS to wet and sticky, flavored, mixed with molasses from sugar cane. The range is very large and choose the very best taste you can only empirically. To ensure that the result of the experiments was nicer, you should pay attention to coal, which needs to smolder a long time and have a neutral taste. If the hookah to light up a fatty in nature, coal is better to get the birch, and in any case not of coniferous wood.

If after a session of Smoking hookah wash – and it is worth doing before changing varieties of tobacco or when the liquid in the flask was already noticeably dull to clean is with plain water, without any detergent and then dry thoroughly, wiping the metal parts, so they are not oxidized.

From the tricks that will help have more fun from the hookah, it is worth to cite the following: Smoking hookah costs on a full stomach, will slowly, in a calm and relaxing environment. It is best to sit down on a comfortable couch or reclining to get.

Hookah must be below the smoker, better on the floor, and to accompany hookah Smoking best sour teas, like hibiscus, or fruit. If hookah Smoking black tobacco varieties, water the bulb well to add a few slices of lemon.

The subtleties of Smoking hookah a lot, and for them to understand, only need to start. Easy conversation and a good time!


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