Medicinal herbs and plants

There is something in the nature of the natd man such property to be afraid of the unexplained and incomprehensible. I’m a true student of nature, learning from nature unceasingly, suffer simple secrets.after all, they are in plain sight only it is necessary to better scrutinize and analyze.And the knowledge of our ancestors gather, and their wisdom, that they do not think in the 21st century 22 and further. Here I am writing now. because I know. what it will always be the people. But today I want to talk to you about the diversity of medicinal plants and sedobnym and products.About miraculous inexhaustible source of nature with pomoschbyu which we prevent and lessim ailments. we restore beauty and youthfulness. Medicine is not only pills, but mostly herbs fruits and roots of plants, centuries-tested methods of disease control.I have more than one year collecting the best resepti and ways to become healthy, to live happily ever after. Talking to people, I came to the conclusion;

herbalism intreset people more and more. Health-Nexe the most important wealth, it is like air.don’t notice while there. we will use herbs properly and to be healthy. happy and successful.Why grass? They are available to all, increase the body’s resistance to unfavorable conditions of environment. tired help the body cope with old diseases.The main thing is not to treat disease but to prevent its appearance, to preserve their health. Herbs help a person to stay healthy. They are near to us. they live and grew up under the same sun we Swami. The structure of the plant ilize the structure of the human body, so are perceived easier, less complications from herbal medicine. The disease is easier to prevent.

maybe that’s why in any people’s kitchen meets many medicinal herbs? and you, my dear friends, also include them in soy foods.Dill,parsley,Bay leaf,garlic. it all has a healing effect on the human body. In blagodarnostyu the healing of our grandmother’s embroidered plants and flowers on clothing, bedspreads, curtains, towels, and wove their patterns on the carpets.

Great grandparents carved floral ornaments on the tree, hoping what kind of medicinal herbs will scare away the disease and sorrow, and they will pass them by. Why do we forget the grass? They usually are slower than tablets.And we now bustler in life, we are always busy. Here and swallow the antibiotics and hormones – free. Without thinking about the consequences. And get treatment in a hurry and long flour.

The easiest visible disease to put it down and get rid of the symptoms, but the disease is not ischeznet. But traditional medicine has accumulated a considerable Arsenal of means of stimulating blood circulation, immunity and control of viral, bactericidal and fungal diseases, and the elimination of toxins, radioactive and other harmful substances from the body. eliminating indigestion, improving the General protective forces of an organism

and stimulaii metabolic processes. many people forget about one particular herbs will andelot us happier in intimate personal life.After all, a healthy person is always more attractive patient ( proverb- “a Bird loves where it is warmer. and her husband – the one that is healthier”).The children grow up zdorovymi happy, and you keep the beauty and smell of youth, strength and activity. Of course. Herbs will help us. And they did not spray where there for

the seven seas. and the seven mountains in a far away Kingdom state.They grow in Russia and around the world, in the wild in forests fields, meadows, and you dear readers posetiteli and on summer residences and garden sites. So I will tell you on their website or blog. He will also talk about the collection and harvesting of herbs, about. how to make healing tinctures and decoctions and how to store medicinal herbs. And I’ll tell you how to stay beautiful and

energetic women and men as long as possible and to live longer.

Don’t want that knowledge was lost

Medicinal herbs and their properties. Our ancestors have long used the services of mother nature.

Eating herbs and roots, they noted their different properties: sedative, bleuteen. stimulating. laxative, etc.

This knowledge about the plants was passed from generation to generation, herbs have been studied to describe sobirateli harvest. The gifts of nature could not only

to help from ailments but also to protect otbody, bewitch your beloved and take away a bad dream. Thus was formed a special type of people-healers, or selaniki(from “the greens”).

Your experiences with nature, they present in special books -herbals, where in detail described the plants, their characteristics, time of collection, salovci and from what disease they help.

These books were transcribed with great care, included additional information and were inherited as a great value. According to popular belief, the first herbalist was Pantaleon the healer. He found in the woods

plants and correctly defined, some grass or a root from any ailments. So far, no one, no grandma-the healer begins the gathering of medicinal herbs without reading the prayer for the help of the Holy Martyr. It is prayers, incantations and forgiveness from mother nature

considered to be the hallmark of contourability. Nasheptyval them, when they came into the forest, when the grass was collected, and then people from ailments relieved. Some of them I describe in our blog.

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