1.PEOPLE who have Pets obyazatelno read this article:it will discuss veterinary clinic, ANIMAL DOC, doctors which ruined our beloved dog (are unable to recognize pox) and can ruin more than one animal, they certainly do not do it on purpose, but according to his inexperience, but if you have no experience, should be knowledge, as they say, “And” Yes “I’m”. But if neither, you have no right to be called a doctor and treat animals. In this clinic are young, friendly girls, who, apparently, has neither the experience nor the knowledge.

Our dog was called “Volt” was the name of her five-year old son Alyosha, in honor of super dog cartoon. And our Volt was really a super-dog, the smartest, dedicated, most beautiful, playful, loved and loving. His love is felt every member of our family, and the Volt was a member of our family.

Volt fell ill two months ago, he was flowing snot, he sneezed and coughed. We took him to a veterinary clinic, where we were told he had a cold, and maybe he had some kind of infection. Because snot was not very healthy and was dried in scabs. Put antiviral drugs, gave nose drops, is said to resemble the injections. We have to drink cough syrup, the cough stopped, the sneezing stopped after 2-3 weeks, and the snot was flowing, although the Volt was cheerful and happy. Doctors say that sneezing may be allergic. After 1.5 months I Volt on a paw you get an ulcer and started foaming at the mouth, we immediately (on 17 March) addressed to the same veterinary clinic, he was prescribed vitamins and antiviral drug every two days to go for injections. What with the volt veterinarians didn’t know, no diarrhea, eyes are not red and do not fester, then this is not distemper. He was repeatedly vomiting, but the doctors said that maybe this is due to the fact that we give him bones that cannot be given to dogs, is a foreign body that is not digested, and only scratches the stomach. Ulcers on the skin due to the fact that we washed it with a shampoo for men.

On the second day we arrived at the reception, saying that if bolt this morning had convulsions and frothing at the mouth. Also reported that a neighbor dog died, apparently from poisoning, as there were rumors that near “the Siberian market” poisoned or rats or stray dogs. All agreed that the Volt poisoning, too, judging by the symptoms, suitable for poisoning with rat poison, “thallium”. Make a printout from the Internet, the symptoms fit. And began chelation therapy. If bolt had a good appetite, he began to eat everything, but water not fire. We told the doctors about it and they said, “Maybe it’s all the same virus?”, but they said that convulsions are poisoning, as the foam is its sick, given anti-seizure drugs. The Volt began to weaken and hind feet, with each passing day he was getting worse, he’s very bad-bad I went, I filled up on the go.

We decided to find a clinic where blood. On March 23, we went to another hospital, after calling and saying that they’re taking a dog, she poisoning. The doctor at the clinic, only seeing the Volt, once said that he had distemper, judging from its nozzle, and not about what the speech and poisoning. Said, “Maybe he sneezed?”, we were told that they sneezed and “toplevel” he’s long. The doctor explained that the distemper had “the nerve”, the last stage, and has already begun pyrolysate hind legs. We were assigned three kinds of drugs and said to have stabbed five days, if does not help, only to be put down. The chances we had “50” to “50”.

The street carried on the hands, on steps he could not walk, and two days later Voltic need to be able to walk, even to stand, all his “things” were at home. We stabbed him with medication, hoped, and dreamed about his recovery Yes the last day of his life. How many tears were shed, sitting near Volt, making him a massage and looking in his eyes, begging for help.

After we found out that Volt distemper, we began to look for all possible means of treatment, by agreeing the information in the Internet. And typing three basic words – “distemper in dogs”, we learned that there are several kinds of distemper, and the symptoms are different, depending on the type of pest and the affected organs. Snot, sneezing and coughing is the first symptom of one of Chumak.

You don’t represent our feelings and emotions when we found out about it, and how it’s a shame that these symptoms did not know the veterinarians, from the veterinary clinic “ANIMAL DOC”, although to call their doctors after that, not dare. If they had symptoms of distemper: this is a diarrhea, vomiting and red eyes festering, about these symptoms and we knew, but we are not doctors, and we have the right not to know about other symptoms and types of distemper, but the veterinary doctor has no right to ignorance. We trusted them with our friends.

Volt died and will not return, but we don’t want these so-called doctors, continued to destroy animals, here is the address of this clinic, which we recommend to avoid:

Angarsk, 22 m-it, d. 13, t. C. “European”, entrance from the yard, ground floor.

Our son we said that the Volt is dead, but on this day another puppy was born, and the soul Volt moved into this puppy, and in a few months we get a new puppy, and he will have the soul of a Volt, and we are going to bring up that it was exactly the same as our V, and call it, of course, volt.

Volt breed was a Labrador, maybe a Mudblood, unbranded, but it doesn’t matter what breed is it if he’s a mongrel, more importantly, what he was and how much we loved him. We have had dogs, but one dog I didn’t like the way a Volt.

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