International conference on traditional medicine

The organizing Committee invites You to participate in the international scientific-practical conference:

“Functional methods of prenosological diagnostics and correction of human health”

Kiev, March 3 – 4, 2012.

Presentations will be made:

– Luc Montagnier, French virologist, biologist. Nobel laureate in medicine and physiology 2008. Chevalier of the Legion of Honor. Officer, global Fund research and prevention of AIDS. Professor of the Paris Pasteur Institute. France.

Mustafa Aziz – Vice-President of the Academy of medical Sciences research Council of Turkey, Professor, head. The Department of plastic surgery medical University of Ankara. Turkey.

– Tsyganov Viktor Anatol’evich – doctor of medicinskaya, Professor, Vice President of the University of Global Scaling. Germany, Berlin.

– Poletaev Andrey Igorevich – doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences, Professor, chief specialist of scientific Center for theoretical problems of physicochemical pharmacology Russian Academy of Sciences. One of the organizers of the State program of the study of the human genome (the Russian Federation). Specialist in the field of molecular and cellular biology. Moscow.

– Zenin Stanislav Valentinovich – doctor of biological Sciences, head. The water laboratory of Biophysics, research Institute of human ecology and environmental hygiene them. A. N. Human ecology and environmental hygiene, Ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation. Moscow

– Poletaev, Aleksandr Borisovich – doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, leading researcher of the Institute of normal physiology n. a. P. K. Anokhin Russian Academy of Sciences. Member of the American Association of immunologists, scientific Director of the IIC “Immunculus”. Moscow.

– Zhadin Mikhail Nikolaevich – doctor of biological Sciences, candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences, Professor, chief researcher of the Institute of cell Biophysics RAS, corresponding member. Academy of natural Sciences, head of the multidisciplinary laboratory of neural Cybernetics. Member of RAS Scientific Council on problems of biological physics. Moscow.

– Garnik Tatiana Petrovna – doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, Director of the State enterprise “the Committee on traditional and alternative medicine Ministry of health of Ukraine”.

– Loboda Mikhail Vasilievich – doctor of medical Sciences, Professor. Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in science and technology, corresponding Member of Academy of medical Sciences. Honored Doctor of Ukraine, President WAFC, first Vice-President of FEMTEC. Honorary Chairman of the Board of “JSC ukrprofzdravnytsa”.

Apanasenko Gennadii Leonidovich – doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, head. The Department of sports medicine and sanology NMAPE named. P. L. Shupyk.

– Zakharash M. p. – General-major of medical service, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, member-correspondent of NAMS of Ukraine, honored doctor of Ukraine. Laureate of the State prize of Ukraine, head. Department of elective surgery of NMU of. O. O. Bogomolets, President of the scientific Association of surgeons of Kyiv and Kyiv region. Member of the Board of the Association of surgeons of Ukraine. The President of the Coloproctology Association and is Board of Ukraine. The head of the Ukrainian proctologic center. Kiev.

– Miroshnichenko Natalia Vasilievna – doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, head. the Department of alternative medicine at Crimea State medical University. S. I. Georgievsky Crimea.

– Pavlusenko Igor Ivanovich – acting member of the European scientific society, corresponding member UAAN, Professor MA. Ukraine.

Tondi Leonid Dmitrievich – doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, head of Department of physiotherapy and balneology of khmape. Ukraine.

– Aristov, Leonid Mitrofanovich – candidate of medical Sciences, Honored doctor of Ukraine, associate Professor of internal diseases WANT. Ukraine.

– Tregubova Natalya Aleksandrovna – candidate of medical Sciences, honored doctor of the ARC, chief physician of the sanatorium “Resort Msjor valeology Zdravnitsa”. Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

As well as representatives of science and practical medicine in Egypt, Syria, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Austria, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Latvia.

The scientific program of the conference on application of methods of functional medicine:

• functional diagnostics

• frequency-resonance therapy

• herbal medicine

• homeopathy

• nutrition science

The main issues of the conference.

• Domain structure water. The resonance domain in cell biology.

• The problems of latent infections, immunological aspects of modern.

• Pre-clinical detection of diseases on a spectrum of autoantibodies.

• The role of connective tissue in acupuncture.

• The relevance of the use of methods of functional medicine.

• Pre-clinical methods of functional diagnostics of the organism.

• The use of “Parkes-D” as one of methods of preclinical diagnostics. Treatment and prevention apparatus of frequency-resonance therapy “Parkes-L”. Application of connective tissue therapy, reflexology, hirudotherapy, herbal medicine, massage, structured water during the treatment process.

• The combination of medical (allopathic) of therapy and functional medicine.

• Continuity between hospital treatment, methods of functional medicine and health resort treatment.

• Rehabilitation of post surgical patients in conditions of sanatorium treatment.

• Fundamentals of human ecology.

• Problems and their solutions in the sphere of formal training in the field of functional medicine.

Exhibition of new medical technology and literature.

Applications for participation in the conference are accepted from undergraduates, graduate students, doctors-interns, teachers and researchers of universities and research institutions, the organizers of the health administration, doctors of health care institutions.

And patrons, businessmen, entrepreneurs, anyone who sees a way forward in a healthy society in the unification of scientific approaches of classical and alternative medicine.

Participants will receive certificates and

publication of the Conference materials.

Publication requirements:

– compliance with the conference topics,

– volume – 2 pages, font Times New Roman, 14 PT, 1 interval, margins: left – 3 cm, right – 1,5 cm, top and bottom – 2 cm each.

Registration for presenters must submit:

1. The abstract of the report.

2. Information about the author.

3. Suggestions about the form of participation: oral report at the plenary session, poster presentation, publication, workshop.

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