Is it possible in Belarus earn on medicinal herbs?

The farmer Valery Snigir for more than ten years of experience troublesome thing — the cultivation of medicinal herbs. It Novogrudok economy “Arnica Montana” is known to many people:

— Of course, I get satisfaction from work, but sometimes I wish I’d got in touch with herbs. For example, wheat or corn are always in demand in the market and does not need special care. And the grass requires more weeding. It is necessary to wash, to dry, to bring to the desired condition, to grind. And all handles. Try to mechanize all the process, purchased a mower, a shredder, but modern equipment is worth a lot of money (200 thousand euros). And, you can grow Valerian root, to harvest, but to interfere with the technology, and is raw no one will.

The farmer grows 200 acres of more than 20 species of medicinal and aromatic herbs (lemon balm, mint, sage, Catnip, hyssop, coriander and others), has a return of about 15-20 percent. Said that can live. Its products are bought by our company. The interest of the poles and the Russians. But they are asking for amounts to 20-30 tons, to recoup transportation costs. And at such volumes to go easy. Not everything depends on the willingness and diligence of the farmer.

Of the 22 farms that virascivanie herbs, 14 are farmer. And largely depends on how successfully the government will develop this industry. However, it remains the largest producer (about 50 percent of the total) is CSEA “state Farm “Big Mozheikovo”.

Most we harvested Valerian root, chamomile, motherwort, marigold and so on more than fifty species of plants. Last year the farms were collected five hundred tons of raw materials. Nearly 300 tons brought in to processing the population.

Processing of raw materials in the Republic is large and nine small businesses.

Many types of herbs, including those that grow with us, we buy abroad. Imported medicinal herbs more than we take out (the amount is about five million dollars), while Poland has to export more than $ 30 million. And sometimes we have a paradoxical situation: refineries are imported from abroad the same Valerian, when its in abundance. Management is ready to conclude long-term contracts with processors.

“Medicinal plant cultivation we require more attention, said the Deputy Director on science of Institute of plant protection Elena Yakimovich . — Research projects are underfinanced, complex technologies are being developed actively enough, weak seed selection and seed production work.” However, the research institutions develop the projects that are being implemented in the farms “the Farm “Big Mozheikovo”, “Kalina”, “Arnica Montana”.

Growing grass requires manual work: three to six weeding, picking the flowers manually. But if it’s a huge field of a few tens of acres? This summer in the “Big Mozheikovo” calendula flowers blossomed in the heat. Part of the harvest, which did not manage to remove, had to leave in the seeds.

The total volume of herbal medicines we are only about two and a half percent. In Germany to ten percent. From year to year, the consumption of natural products is growing because they act gently on the body (without side effects), do not cause allergies.

Share your herbs in our market is approximately 60 percent. But this is not a reason for complacency. In the most promising segment — herbal teas and dietary Supplements — products mostly of Russian, Ukrainian, Czech. Marketing is a great thing. More likely to buy not just the Packed grass and gathering with the sonorous name “Slim”, “anti-Stress for office”. Learn a thing or two and we. But still very slowly. There is a “Bioassay” teas “Zasyadka”, “Women’s secret”, “Recipe of youth”. But the selection is small.

Farmer Vladimir Rimsha says that he has immunoliposome tea “Fitoor”. However, pharmacies are not actively taking it. “Have to send to Russia.” — says farmer-scientist.

Constrain the emergence of new domestic fees more stringent pharmaceutical requirements. “Herbalists” in the hearts exclaim: increase bureaucratic procedures and expensive examination of documents, testing. The result — reduced production of drugs. Every five years it is necessary to make each state re-registration of public funds, adding the company “Kalina”, which requires a large cash outlay and time and effort (and in Russia to optimize the production of medicines this re-registration was canceled).

As for wild plants, in the 80-ies of the last century were prepared in three times more than now: thousand tons compared to 290 (last year).

Why have less to donate? Probably due to the small number of procurement centers (pharmacies stopped taking), and the lack of people confidence that the collected means will take. Because you can dry St. John’s wort, and it appears that it is no longer needed.

But with further development of the market of medicinal herbs for many it can become profitable. It is enough to calculate the possible earnings from taking dandelion root. For an hour it is possible to dig up about 20 pounds. After shrinkage he loses weight four times — five pounds. One kilogram costs about three dollars. It turns out that you can earn $ 15 per hour.

If a month to work 20 days at four hours, it income 1,200 “green”. Even considering the road, the expertise of bad weather the amount will be less than, say, $ 800, still it’s a good raise.

By the way, one kilogram of nettles and horsetail in a dry form costs 60 thousand rubles, St. John’s wort — 50 thousand.

To herbs profitable, it is necessary to organize points of reception, to invest a lot of money in research and development and advanced equipment, to organize production on the ground. All costs, if not immediately, but definitely pays off: the profitability of medicinal herbs can be five times higher than traditional crops. Than not a recipe for recovery?

Ivan Darashkevich, associate Professor at Grodno agrarian University:

— Growing the herbs is not easy. Income now gets the one who was able to establish a full production cycle — from cultivation to deep processing and marketing. It is important to strive to satisfy the needs of the buyer on assortment and price. I think that the percentage of presence on the market of herbal remedies (especially those containing extracts, extracts of herbs) will only grow. For example, few people know that the basis of the drug “Prostamol UNO” (a popular cure BPH) is the extract of the fruit of the creeping palms, and the usual “Septolete” contain oil of peppermint leaves, eucalyptus, thyme extract.

Alexander Vainik, Deputy Director for scientific and innovation work of the state scientific institution “Central Botanical garden”:

— Development prospects of medicinal plant cultivation we do not seem bright. The domestic market is very small, the needs of small processors. Give an example. One of our plants have equipment for obtaining of extracts of plants, which in essence is idle, because we don’t need more of the extract. It is necessary to leave on foreign markets. It is also difficult because you need to offer high-quality raw materials, without additives, Packed, piketirovanijah. And you need the proper equipment.

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