Traditional medicine of South America

In the distant, distant 2003 I had the idea of creating an online store selling condoms. This product is demanded by the population, but is not always available. Even in large cities the range of these products in pharmacies is limited to two, three brands of 20-30 names of condoms, let alone remote towns and villages. Each person is unique and what one likes, another may nepodhodit. This is the name of one condoms, in fact, each manufacturer has its own form of condoms, their varieties, the different composition of lubricants, and the quality may be different as AI. Someone to risk and buys cheap condoms dubious quality – as they say the avaricious pays twice, and someone who cares about her partner(loved one) and buys the best – people are different. We have tried to collect in their store is the best for every taste and color. We have presented range of condoms German manufacturers, such as brand Masculan. Vizit. Sico. The Germans always were famous for their pedantry, scrupulosity and quality, we’re styleproduct such products. Also our shop is filled with the trademark Contex condoms are the most popular condoms in Russia and Life Styles condoms – America’s # 1. We sell low-priced condoms, as they say there is a demand – there is proposal. Unlike off-line shop, our showcase is unlimited, so besides the condom, we started to sell other goods. So for sale we have a gel-lubricant Contex tests to determine pregnancy, etc. The range of products sold is constantly expanding. At the moment we have received a quotation for the sale of teas, we found it interesting and maybe in the near future they will appear in our sale. We think this topic is interesting and many want to disclose it. World of plants is huge and affects all spheres of life of the human body. Experience in the use of herbal remedies prophylactic and therapeutic plan is millennia old. And this is not surprising. Plants as a leading component of human nutrition course is included in its metabolism, have an active effect on other organs, and functional activity. Hence the firm conviction of many researchers of plants, “in nature there are no diseases against which in the vegetable world there would be dozens of medicinal substances. Typical example is the vigorous attempts to find herbal, natural remedies to treat tragic diseases of our time – AIDS made in China and some other countries. In recent years, interest in the treatment of medicinal plants(herbal medicine) has increased significantly. This is largely due to the presence of numerous side effects, complications of therapy many modern potent synthetic means. The so-called drug disease are quite objective reality of our time. In this connection it is understandable broad interest in herbal medicine and phytoprotectin, the likelihood of complications from the use of them is far less. Herbal remedies complex nature have a number of advantages such as low toxicity, or lack thereof, the smoothness of the action and the opportunity in very prolonged use without risk of side effects. We would like to tell You about a line of medicinal teas VitaPlant complex health and longevity. “Vita-Planta” (“VitaPlant”) – a new series of herbal teas – titanov designed to promote health, improve the body’s resistance to adverse external influences and prevent premature aging. Titan – (FR. A Tisane) to herbal tea, herbs. It tizani were the first “tea” that was drunk by Europeans until the traditional black and green teas. In addition to medicinal herbs, the composition of each collection is a patented herbal complex for Health and Longevity “Vita-Planta” . Plant extracts, included in the complex “Vita-Planta”, was traditionally used in ancient medicine in the Mediterranean for the recovery and rejuvenation of the body. So part of the collection:

Rosemary – antioxidant, antimicrobial action, normalizes blood circulation and digestion, prevents skin aging and wrinkle formation.

The leaves of the olive tree – reduce blood pressure, normalize cholesterol and blood sugar, prevent blood clots, relieve spasms, have antioxidant, antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral action.

The skin of red grapes contains substances that increase the lifespan of cells, as well as possessing antioxidant, Cardi protectornoe, anti-inflammatory and antitumor activity.

All this slows down the aging process, strengthens blood vessels, improves eyesight, improves skin elasticity and prevents the development of wrinkles. I would like to recall an ancient Chinese saying: “Wise disease alerts, unreasonable treated. “At the moment produces 31 type of teas for different purposes. The tea contains the already known complex “Vita-Planta” (“VitaPlant”) . as well as 4-5 different herbs, depending on the purpose of tea. Wouldn’t be unfounded, so for example the tea No. 29 “Male power”:

“Vita-Planta” is a system of health and longevity.

Siberian ginseng – increases vitality, enhances mental and physical capabilities of the body, it stimulates function of reproductive organs.

Hibiscus/hibiscus/Sudanese rose – strengthens blood vessels, improves blood circulation, has a tonic effect.

Tribulus – is known as a tonic and tonic remedy used in folk medicine of the Balkan countries, stimulates the secretion of sex hormones, used for the prevention and treatment of sexual disorders.

Green tea has stimulating, tonic effect, improves mental and physical performance.

Guarana is used in folk medicine in South America to prevent fatigue during prolonged physical and emotional effort.

Ginger is a proven tonic and aphrodisiac of Oriental medicine, enhances overall body tone, stimulates function of sexual glands and enhances libido.

Mate(Paraguay tea) – raises the energy potential of the organism, increases resistance to stress, increase peripheral vessels, improves sexual function.

The form of tea bags of 1.8 g available in packages of 10 and 20 sachets. Visiting our shop You will receive a gift. can read interesting articles and of course to make the right purchase. Come, You are always welcome.

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