Traditional healers “in the law”

We are not talking about the involvement of the Tuva healers to the underworld. Here’s the thing: for the first time by the Ministry of health of RT were given official permission to engage in folk medicine or two doctors. “The first signs” became a Buddhist monk Lopsan Dondup and homeopathic physician Anna Kara-Tonog. But as we have explained in the Ministry of health, these are only the first steps towards development of alternative medicine in the country.

Folk medicine: yesterday and today

In Soviet times, like a few have resorted to the services of healers of the people. This step was hesitant, but tried not to advertise it – people were afraid of ridicule or public censure.

As time goes by, many things change. Today the methods of traditional medicine are recognized by the world health organization. Its even included in the development strategy for 2014 – 2023. In 2014, the Institute of medical and social problems and management of Tuva was organized by the interregional scientific-practical conference. In its framework there were held round tables and master classes, traditional healers took the people and provided them with services of healing. Also were discussed problems of studying and use of natural and biological resources of the Republic and nonconventional methods of treatment. Not spared storonoyu the issue of legalization of traditional medicine, healers have been waiting for this long. The brainchild of the conference was the order № 673 from 6 June 2014 “On the order of lessons in folk medicine and issue resolution on occupation by traditional medicine in the Republic of Tuva”, it was developed by the RT Ministry of health.

Permission to heal will only “proven” healers

The RT Ministry of health issues a permit to engage in folk medicine, if the candidates have the skills, documented, is first. Often healers who have decided to engage in non-traditional medicine, have diplomas of higher medical education domestic or abroad. For example, to do Tibetan medicine, you need to finish school in India, Mongolia or Tibet. Our Mongolian neighbors already there is such practice in a traditional medical school is receiving a Cabinet of traditional medicine, medicinal these two directions do not interfere with each other.

There is a second condition: recommendations from public organizations that are engaged in the health improvement of the population. For example, the Association of homeopaths or the national Academy of folk medicine.

Thirdly, there should be a document based on the positive results of treatment of at least 10 patients and supported the petition of cooperating with the practitioner of a medical institution. And only if the expert opinion of the RT Ministry of health may grant permission to engage in folk medicine in the Republic.

“Homeopathy is my life. ”

Official permission to engage in folk medicine number one got vragolovic with over twenty years experience, Anna Kara-Tonog. Back in 1975, Anna Omneia graduated from Tomsk medical Institute. Until 1995 he worked in the field of Nephrology. During a business trip to Moscow, when visiting the research library, she came upon a book on homeopathy. There were described methods of alternative treatment of kidney diseases.

Receiving advice from colleagues in Moscow, the doctor decided to take alternative medicine seriously. Regularly raises the qualification in Russian and foreign homeopathic schools. Another advantage of this system is the treatment of “such, such”. Drugs activate the power of your body, so the immune system begins to conquer the illness. In the composition of homeopathic medicines is not alien to the human body chemistry. Only trace elements, materials of plant and animal origin that do not cause negative side effects.

According to Anna Aneinu, homeopathy is a creative work, the doctor must have not only extensive knowledge but also professional flair, you cannot fit all. To each person and his illness needs its own individual approach. And only then can we expect success and prosperous recovery from the disease.

Master of Tibetan medicine

Dondup Lopsan, or Ayan Herelook in the world, graduated from the Tibetan medical and astrological College “Men-TSI-Kang” of Dharamsala in India, the specialty is “doctor of Tibetan medicine” of the second category. Has extensive medical experience in the chosen area. Widely practiced the use of medicinal herbs,

health massage, has many diagnostic methods: pulse, eyes, and urinediverting. Received official permission in the Ministry of health that its activities more transparent and open for people, there was no mistrust on the part of patients. The purpose of his life, as he says, to help and to heal, not to harm ill.

Far-reaching plans of the Ministry of health of Tuva

Five healers filed a petition to obtain official permission to engage in folk medicine. Just the sight of Ministry of health of eleven doctors who have achieved great success in alternative medicine. After allowing the activities of healers becomes similar to the work of individual entrepreneurs. They will need to keep a strict documentation of date of initial application and any subsequent visits, to engage in the recording of the condition of patients, laboratory tests and medical observations. One of the main objectives of the Ministry of health of the Republic is the creation of a centre for traditional medicine, where the healers took patients, shared experiences and, of course, conducted research, thereby developing selected case.

Official and traditional medicine should go hand in hand, complement each other and not to compete. After all, they have one ultimate goal – healthier people.

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