Traditional recipes of masks and cleansers for different skin types face

Healthy and beautiful skin without any defects and signs of time – that’s it, simple cherished desire of every woman. And in view of the advertising boom, many are convinced that to make a perfect skin can only be armed with expensive cosmetics.

This is true only of some few percent, because beauty is labor, the labor of man-made. And to work for its beauty folk remedies, most of which are at arm’s length.

The content

1. Simple cleanser, folk remedies facial masks

3. Recipes facial masks for each skin type

4. Folk remedies masks for the face, maintain it’s elasticity

Simple cleanser, folk remedies facial masks

Facials for any skin type with the help of home remedies, composed of the same phases as the care factory-cosmetics – cleansing, renewal, toning and hydration/nutrition.

For cleansing, you can use oil – base or samoruchno composition of base and ethers. For example, it can be olive oil, jojoba, peach kernels, castor and others.

For toning is perfect cosmetic ice, herbal teas, lotions from the juice of berries, fruit and tsvetochniy.

Hydration/nutrition – again, oil and oil composition.

Update – this stage is dedicated to the scrubs and masks. As professional care mask from home ingredients holds a special place in skin care.

Popular facial masks: the benefits

All funds for the beauty of skin, created by himself, have the following advantages over factory-made “jars”:

• All the ingredients of the mask are chosen individually based on the type and needs of your skin. Because of this, the mask will only have a positive expected effect.

• The absence of allergens. Creating a mask according to the recipe, eliminated components that can not tolerate your skin. So, when they say that natural masks can be more dangerous, this is only partially true.

• Quality – this one does not argue. For freshness and compatibility of all products – you can bet on “all hundred”. In addition, creating the people’s face masks, it is possible to prepare one portion. So your mask is “fresh” and unique.

And this, in turn, eliminates the risk of microorganisms in the open section of composition, as it happens, if carelessly use the mask from the tube.

• Price. Even if you cook the mask of “overseas” plants, mask home – much cheaper store. And comparing its value to the result, homemade face mask – gets almost nothing.

In addition, folk remedies masks for the face can always be varied, creating a new composition. And on all about all – time low – less than any SPA session, and the result is similar.

Recipes facial masks for each skin type

As factory-made, homemade masks also should be chosen based on the type, skin condition and age of its owner. That build recipes for specific masks. Also there are homemade masks that are beneficial to all skin types.

Universal recipes of masks for face

• Honey face mask is one of those that is suitable for any skin type. It perfectly nourishes, moisturizes and cleanses the skin. In addition, the mask made with all natural honey imbues the skin with energy from the sun and air. Therefore, this mask is the perfect remedy for fading skin.

Universal mask made of honey is prepared very simply and quickly. For her to need: some water mixed with a portion of alcohol in the same quantities. To the resulting solution add warm honey in the quantities that will turn the liquid into a thick mixture.

This mixture and you need to cover the face, leaving it on for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. To complete the procedure need contrast washing, if no contraindications.

• Milk mask – is another, no less popular mask among those that are best suited for each skin type. Its recipe is also simple and does not require the variety of ingredients.

All you need is a part of low-fat yogurt, part skim milk and one small cucumber. All of these components is churned, and the finished mask is applied on the skin evenly. After 15 minutes the skin is visibly posvizhiye and to smoothen.

• Fruit mask is an Express mask that will help to quickly restore skin and to nourish. It is enough to apply a mashed banana or Apple, or melon, and so forth, any suitable berries, fruit and vegetables will be in season.

Masks for elasticity of face skin. Recipes

Mask, which comes when the skin starts fading. There is a need, when the skin loses moisture and nutrients, as most masks for firm skin includes moisturizing and nourishing components.

Typically, masks for skin elasticity universal for any skin type. Or can differ by one ingredient, such as yogurt – sour cream – kefir and so on.

• The mask of “live” yeast are a real balm for the health, smoothness and elasticity of the skin. And all thanks to the yeast – source of vitamin b-line. In this component of the mask are present in almost all the vitamins which are needed to enhance metabolism in the skin.

In addition, they purify and replenish the skin. So, for the mask you need to crush a piece of fresh yeast and dissolve the crumbs in a 3% hydrogen peroxide for oily skin; olive oil for dry skin and in warm milk – for normal skin.

Thick ready mix layers should be spread on the skin. After 20 iminutes of application wash your face with warm water.

• Crimson mask is especially good for skin with any signs of age. This berry contains a special complex of vitamins that improve skin elasticity by saturating it with vitamins and minerals. Berries can be used alone – simply by wiping it over the skin.

And you can make a mask out parts of berries and warm milk. Depending on the type of skin – the fat content of milk varies. Finished weight is distributed on the skin and works 20 minutes. After removing the mask rinse the face with warm water.

The main rule of all masks that should “do” the elasticity of the skin, it’s their course application. Yes, homemade masks in this case should apply the rate to 20 sessions . After – lunch break and course support masks. The latter is also easily created at home.

Folk remedies masks for the face, maintain it’s elasticity

The best products for this purpose are:

• Scarlet;

• Oats;

• Melons and legumes;

• Cucumbers and tomatoes;

• Dairy products;

• Natural oils;

• Sea salt.

Constructing the application of these products can always maintain the skin elastic . to prevent sagging and opluwaniu. These components can make masks by mixing them in different proportions.

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