Animals in the wild can treat yourself

As we all remember, the story of Dr. Dolittle – it’s only the fairy tale. No vets, no matter how much they love animals, do not come to mind to sit in the deep woods under a tree waiting for the patient suffering from mumps Fox or Bunny with lupus.

We this is to what? We are, in fact, to what animals (if we are not ruining our own lack of care and improper nutrition) in the case of “care at the hospital” fine gifts of natural medicine and the doctors usually don’t need.

How do they do that? Very simple. Even Pliny the Elder, who lived long before the era of total vaccination and colonoscopy, wrote in his “Natural history” that they easily go without medical care, eating, in case of problems with the body of different herbs and roots.- And the “they do it so that people didn’t see them at this time, as they do not wish people knew the healing properties of herbs”. Right, why knowledge sharing?

And this knowledge is inherent in animal instincts so deeply and permanently, that any effort them out not corrode. Take, for example, dogs. You know how Pets have long had to get used to visiting the vets and get it out of your head of all this shit with medication. No you can’t. And conducted the experiment confirmed this.

Accutane know?

Everything was very easy. The experimenters took from the mother of the two puppies aged six weeks and trained them up to six months in complete isolation from their own kind. No dog telegraphs and so on.

Six months later, the puppies were released to walk in freedom. Of course, both soon discovered specially prepared fragrant pile of fish bones, little suitable for ingestion. But who stopped it? Puppies pounced on the sudden feast and soon suffered severely from damage to the intestine sharp bones.

But they wouldn’t call for help. Both dogs, not saying a word, went to the nearest undergrowth, found some suspicious from our point of view, weed, ate it, immediately cleared his stomachs, and then safely dealt with the remnants of the treats.

Of course, scientists with interest in all these actions, and most of them are interested in “suspicious” grass. It was green foxtail, which grows in Central Russia is almost everywhere and certainly not among medicinal plants. In any case, people. But the dogs he was very popular. We’ll note that puppies are about the healing properties of foxtail no one told. Mom took them too early, and the people themselves had no idea what this herb is capable of.

In the footsteps of Pavlov’s dog

Another method of healing dog personally observed the academician I. P. Pavlov. Give him the word.

“One of the operated in our way dogs after 10-15 days after the operation became exposed to the corrosive action of gastric juice. The dog was kept on a leash in the laboratory. Once early in the morning about dogs in General is very quiet, much to our chagrin, found a bunch of broken plaster from the wall. The dog with the chain was transferred to another part of the room. The next morning is a repetition of the same story: was again destroyed a wall.

However, it was noticed that the belly of the dog dry and phenomena of skin irritation is very reduced. Only then we guessed what it was. When made the dog a bed of sand, the breaking of the wall ceased, and the gastric juice don’t harm the animal. We gratefully acknowledged that the animal with his mind helped not only themselves but also us. It would be a pity if this fact was lost to animal psychology”.

We have a dog myself organized medical litter until people finally figured her out. in fact, you need.

Wince, but chew

Well, except dogs, someone else from our little brothers well-versed in medicine? Of course.

For example, chimpanzees bring the worms and other parasites from your body with the help of the plant Vernonia amygdalina extremely bitter and nasty taste. First, the zoologists have long wondered: how do chimpanzees can eat such filth and, most importantly, why?

I noticed, only by the monkeys ‘ facial expressions that they themselves are not happy, but occasionally find this plant and, wincing, choking and otherwise expressing their disgust, still use it inside, swallowing it whole. The stem of this plant, it turns out, is studded with microscopic hooks that, once in monkey intestine, the parasites cling “under white hands” and a natural way output.

Forgotten healing moss

Deer and other herbivores heal cuts and scratches through normal moss which has enough healing properties. People, by the way, moss knew and even successfully used it as anti-bacterial dressings during the First world war. But then about it have forgotten. And it is in vain!

Maybe some of you watched the ravens circling the rustic pipe furnaces, when they drown themselves? I think the birds decided free to bask? Nothing of the sort. With smoke tricky birds is withdrawn from beneath the feathers of any bird lice. And if the smoke doesn’t help, the bird will find the nest and razlyazhetsya on it, spreading wings outstretched and feathers in all directions. After all ants are happy to eat living feathered freeloaders. But try to keep the time interval to the industrious insects did not get to bird’s delicate body. But with birds it’s all right: the process was completed – we fly on about their business.

The enemy inside

Very clever from the get rid of parasites ordinary caterpillars. Moreover, these parasites are not random and not stupid. Here’s how it looks. The caterpillar is completely defenseless creature, and some species of flies use it shamelessly. In particular, the fly-tahina, finding a caterpillar, quickly lays right in her own larvae. Those not only grow and develop inside the crawler body (of course, entirely at its expense).

The larvae and feed on the innards of the caterpillar, eating it down to the shell.

It would seem, what can you do against such a relentless enemy? But the caterpillar has found a way. Feeling within himself the invader, she urgently goes to a special diet based on plants with a high content of a special alkaloid that kills insects.

Note, however, that a caterpillar is an insect, or rather its larva, and therefore, need to carefully calculate the dosage, to get rid of the parasite, but not to ditch it and a favorite. Incidentally, the tracks in most cases, this is perfectly possible.

In early spring, foxes and badgers arrange for their cubs, sunbathing (with the aim of obtaining vitamin D). They make the animals out of their burrows. lay out in the sun and even turned from one side to the other.

Dystrophy, malnutrition, beriberi overcome the wild beasts of the migrations, autocaravana – eating her own faeces, rich in vitamins, there are bacteria living in the gut. Parrots eat a special clay, deducing from an organism of the vegetable poisons. monkeys eat the earth. But we are not yet Mature enough.

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