Non-traditional medicine in Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country with ancient and rich history: already in the bronze age there arose a unified and distinctive Dongsanjie civilization reached a high technological and cultural level of development. Holidays in Vietnam in this small exotic country with a rich nature and lush greenery, will give you the unforgettable impressions! Vietnam tours will introduce you to the amazing beauty of sandy beaches, rainforests, jungles, and picturesque Delta of the red river. The country is attractive to admirers of nonconventional medicine: there are many skilled healers, who teach everyone to use the useful properties of the plants. ere to interlace together four of the greatest trends in religion (Taoism, Confucianism, Christianity and Buddhism) and philosophy.

You can visit the puppet theater, to plunge into the world of music and dance, learn the art of painting on silk, to make excursions to numerous attractions, spend time in local hotels with excellent service, enjoy the exotic dishes of the national cuisine.

To visit in Vietnam to citizens of Ukraine need a visa. Required documents for visa on arrival: passport, passport-size Photograph, visa application form. For border crossing you must have a round-trip itinerary, and proof of sufficient funds for the entire stay in the country.

Customs regulations

Vietnam banned import of drugs and narcotic drugs without medical prescriptions for their use (sanctions for import of drugs is extremely high, including the death penalty), firearms, pornography, printed matter, compact discs, audio and video clips that may offend local traditions. The export of the national currency, art objects and Antiques, jewelry and folk art without the proper documents. The import of foreign convertible currency is not limited, but need to declare the amount of more than 3 thousand US dollars. Also, you must declare the gold, if the amount exceeds 300 g Imported household and computer equipment subject to compulsory Declaration, all undeclared equipment will be allowed for export only upon payment of customs duties or the existence of proof of its purchase in local trade organizations. It is recommended to keep proof of all expenses incurred in the country during the stay.

Are imported free of duty 400 cigarettes, 100 cigars or 500 gr. tobacco; 2 liters of alcoholic beverages with strength up to 22 degrees or 1.5 liters of strong alcoholic beverages (total volume of imported alcohol should not exceed 3 liters), 5 kg of tea, up to 3 kg of coffee, reasonable quantity of perfume and perfumery, as well as other goods with total value not exceeding 5 million Dong (US $ 300).

Vietnam is a country with varied landscape, 3000 km of coastline rich South China sea and a huge number of valuable historical and cultural monuments, many of which are listed in the list of world cultural and historical heritage. Here there are mountains covered with primeval forests, valleys and rivers, and waterfalls, and lakes, and gorgeous beaches with white sand and clear sea water.

Vietnam shares borders with Cambodia, Laos and China and stretches over 1600 km (1000 miles) along the Eastern coast of the Indochina Peninsula. Two of the most developed district in the country are located in the Red river Delta (15,000 sq km) in the North and in the Mekong Delta (60,000 sq km) in the South. The country is three-quarters covered with mountains and hills; the highest peak is mount Fansipan (3,143 m above sea level) is located to the North-West of the country.

The largest and most full-flowing rivers of South-East Asia the City and the Mekong ends in Vietnam, falling into the South China sea. Throughout the country there are a large number of national parks and reserves.

The best beaches of the South China sea, is also located on the territory of Vietnam have long been attracting Europeans who know what a good rest. Diving enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite pastime – rich underwater world of the warm sea in combination with relatively low prices for equipment and related services make the waters of the South China sea is very tempting to dive.

Fauna of Vietnam is diverse .The fauna includes elephants, rhinoceros, tigers, leopards, black bears, Korotkevich monkeys, crocodiles and turtles.

Choosing tours to Vietnam, we advise to pay attention to the climate: the climate is tropical monsoon, influenced by the wet summer (South and southwest) and winter dry(northeast) monsoons.

In Vietnam, as in most countries in Southeast Asia, there are only two seasons a year – rainy season and dry season. The rains are abundant, but are only 20 minutes and within the hour the sun is shining and not a trace remains from the rain of the past. Most often, even in the peak of the rainy season, it rains at night. Season of falling prices throughout Vietnam – from may to September.

In the South of Vietnam ( Saigon. MUI ne, Phan Thiet ) – the main tourist center of the country, rainy season runs from may to November. The ideal time for visiting this area is considered the dry season from December to April.

On the Central coast ( Hoi an. Da Nang ) on the contrary, from may to October is dry and Sunny,the humidity begins only in November. There is a possibility of hurricanes in September-November. In December-February there is a very turbulent ocean, and swimming will be at this time hindered.

In the North of Vietnam ( Hanoi. In Ha Long. Sapa ) is attractive for the tourist season lasts from may to October. And from November to April can be pretty cold +10 at night to +20 during the day but hotel prices fall.

In the mountainous regions of Dalat (1,500 m), Buon, Foot and Sapa is quite cool at night throughout the year, and in winter from October to March the temperature falls to +4C. Even in the hottest months are March and April, temperatures rarely exceed 26C.

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