Alternative medicine: the pros and cons!

I think that for anybody not a secret that there are doctors who mistrust and biased toward non-traditional medicine . preferring traditional methods of treatment. And of course, there are patients who prefer to replace harmful traditional medications useful herbs. Let’s try to understand how justified the negative attitude towards alternative medicine!

Often, the behavior of people can not fail to surprise. When they fail the computer that they are taking? Grab the book “Self-instruction manual on the repair your computer”? Or leave him alone, hoping that he himself miraculously’ll get fixed and start working? No, certainly, these people turn to qualified specialists that they have repaired the computer, isn’t it? Begs the logical question: why are people so irresponsibly are the most expensive in the life of any person, to their life and health?

Why methods of healing they are looking for in the books of the “100 of my grandmother’s advice” or even going door to door-healers, or leave everything to the mercy, with the thoughts that someday you will need to go to the doctor? Why they believe that to fix the computer can only technically qualified experts at the same time self-righteously believe that you just are well versed in medical issues. Why come to doctors when the disease is in advanced form, when to return to health it is hard or almost impossible?

Every year increases the number of people who prefer sorcerers, healers, psychics and other homegrown healers, while ignoring the traditional forms of treatment. Many people collect various non-traditional recipes in the future safely recommend to friends and family, not thinking about the fact that their recommendations can harm your health.

First, let’s understand, what is alternative medicine. Alternative medicine is a set of knowledge that have been carefully selected by our ancestors, about the dangers and benefits of various plants, minerals, and the many factors that, one way or another, affect the health of the whole person. This knowledge was gathered bit by bit method of error and trial for a long period of time. As mankind has evolved, this knowledge was improved. In its essence this knowledge, this experience is very valuable for mankind.

Then why conventional medicine rejects alternative treatment? Can still popular ways of treatment are more effective than current methods? Perhaps this is a banal unwillingness to recognize these therapies? But simultaneously introduce modern methods of treatment using AIDS, practice of Oriental medical techniques such as acupuncture, iridology and many others, including the healing of the natural moments…

Actually, often people incorrectly use the recipes of alternative medicine . Modern medicine in its Arsenal uses quite effective methods of treatment of many diseases, introduced progressive ways, often many inventions are based on techniques and methods of alternative medicine. Alternative medicine is an echo of the past, when there were such opportunities available today. Is it possible to forget about all the knowledge we received from our ancestors? No, in any case!

Today’s methods of treatment are simply necessary in times of acute illness, when a patient needs emergency care. To identify it only by a qualified experienced doctor. Non-traditional methods can help when the disease is sluggish, is chronic when it is necessary to maintain the body, to prevent the development of disease in order to avoid complications or exacerbations, when there is no danger to human life. Herbal teas, cold perfusion, various gymnastics (yoga, martial arts and others) are renewable sources of energy, relieve stress, increase stamina, and rejuvenate it!

That is why, traditional medicine without innovative ways of treatment is not so strong. Quite often you need to stop swallowing handfuls of pills and all sorts of pharmaceutical Goodies and start to drink decoctions of herbs to increase physical activity, to go on a diet, to part with bad habits, and sometimes simply walking in the forest, Park, along the sea shore. You should pay attention to the surrounding beauty of nature, birds singing, admire the glorious sunsets and the beauty of flowers. You don’t have enough free time? You need to the computer?

Medical experts have long noticed that quite a large number of long and painful ill patients by changing their lifestyle, taking herbal literate recipes using gymnastics and other useful exercises, on the path of recovery, although there are no prerequisites for recovery was not. On this basis, we can safely conclude that by changing lifestyle and mindset, starting to treat their health with greater responsibility and mind, by using the recommendations of competent professionals, we are sure to get positive results from the unconventional ways of treatment.

We must remember that in moments of acute alternative therapies cannot be used! Before you start to use the methods of alternative medicine you should consult with knowledgeable experts, they can help You to understand what will be useful and what can bring only harm. Many people mistakenly believe that by definition, herbs can’t be harmful. Probably quite difficult to harm the body and herbs in small quantities, but often to the treatment of herbs are turning sick people. Grass differently affect the organism, and in various diseases the effect will also be different, can be both negative and positive.

Friends, the main thing to remember is that to improve the computer, but it is not always possible to do with the human body. Their health and their old age each of us is programming himself! Now!

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