Peruvian shamans

Long time scientists of different countries were attracted by the rituals of the Peruvian shamans are inseparably associated with the use of mystical drink ayavaska.

The basis for its production is a decoction of tropical vines, which he called “sacred vine” or “source of wisdom”.

For many centuries it was used by shamans in South America as transcending the boundaries of consciousness, strengthens the immune system. In addition, the shamans believed that ayavaska facilitates contact with the spirits, as well as cleanses, heals, enriches the soul and body, is called extraordinary experiences. It’s no secret that shamans regularly used and continue to use the drink in religious sacraments and rituals of healing.

It is known that Indians are no modern medicines do not accept. They cure the ailments of the shaman, who treats their teas, and one of the dominant drugs is ayavaska.

These shamans are added to the broth of ayawasi to twenty different plants, each shaman secret set.

It should be noted that the Indians huge role to play spiritual diet. Its goal is to train the body, increase its sensitivity and receptivity. Also they follow a strict food diet. All this contributes to the preparations for misticheskaya saved by the Indians of Peru since ancient times. However, they never lost the secrets of psychotropic plants that grow in the tropical jungle.

The ritual of making yamaski takes place under the strict guidance of a shaman. It is a kind of directed the ceremony. Its important component – shamanic songs (Icaros). Sound vibrations set the participants into a kind of wave, and most importantly – attract spirits. Journey into the world beyond carefully watching the shaman. Reception ayawasi without the shaman-curandero can have unfortunate consequences, for the drink raises the deeper layers of the unconscious, the mystical fears and worries.

The sign of the shaman, the woman begins a mournful song. While singing it slowly swinging. With sharp scissors, the hair strands themselves vestigal. Ten minutes later, her face wearing an expression of transcendent ecstasy. The woman, like a sleepwalker, gets up, picks up the associated chicken, carries her to the ritual stone. A second later a razor-sharp machete cuts off the head of a bird, and viscous blood sprinkles the stone. The shaman believes that this is a very important moment of the ritual, for the spirit helps birds involved in the ceremony to connect with the spirits of dead people. All women of the tribe surround the place of sacrifice and let his hands Cup ayyavazhi. When they come to their senses after the ritual, we claim to have communicated with the spirits of dead relatives, learned a lot of interesting and new, and some say difficult illnesses retreated.

When the Europeans appeared four centuries ago in South America, they brought with them and their religion, which prohibited the use of plants tranquilizers. So ancient beliefs of the indigenous Indians was banned and persecuted. The consumption of psychotropic plants was considered heresy. The invaders forced the Indians to burn the vines and thickets were severely punished for making ayawaska. But an ancient ritual has survived all invaders.

By the way, only in the XX century scientists have found that leaves chacruna contain a powerful hallucinogen that causes vision. In combination with the vine, its action is significantly enhanced.

Not so long ago a group of Brazilian scientists within a few months, studied a group of Indians regularly consumed ayawaska.

Fifteen people after another magic session with ayawaska appeared before the doctors took their blood, recorded the heart rate, blood pressure and scanned the brain. The Brazilians received an unexpected result: it turned out that ayavaska leads to addiction nor to toxic poisoning.

On the contrary – the level of serotonin – a natural antidepressant, which usually decreases after the use of most drugs, after the use of mystical potions increased as the level of brain activity.

Naturally, the person after the adoption of the “magic drink” fell into the euphoria, the fears, the problems and the pain receded, as if by magic. It was time to communicate with spirits, since ancient times has become part of Indian culture.

Not surprisingly, the culture of shamanism has attracted Europeans and North Americans. They began to regularly pay a visit to the Indian scientific purposes or for healing of some ailments.

Directed by the shaman drank the tourist ayawaska and after a while entered the transcendental world of visions. According to Peruvian shamans, in another world, in another dimension they can easily ascertain what disease plagues him, and get him the necessary drugs. But besides the physical, shamans heal and spiritual sickness, when a man cut off from his soul, and therefore feels the fears, complexes, contradictions, anguish, uncertainty in tomorrow.

By the way, these techniques were spread not only among the Peruvian shamans.

The ancient Greek scientist Descartes drew inspiration during sleep that is in an altered state of consciousness. Indian yogis are able to connect to the cosmic source of wisdom and knowledge derive from there.

Peru is sensitive to ancient Indian culture. Liana as the source of wisdom has been declared a national treasure of the country. The same status was conferred on traditional knowledge of the shamans of Peru and the sacred drink ayavaska.

It was also recognized that shamanic rituals have become the Foundation on which is based the whole culture of the Amazonian tribes.

The statement of the government of Peru noted that in this way the Peruvians are trying to defend the “ancient and sacred rituals” from European, Western practices “devoid of spirituality and context, have exclusively commercial and consumer basics” that discredits human value.

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