Features and ways of using herbs

Petrov cross to the majority of the inhabitants known as jesuanic or botannica. Many people call this plant the king grass.

Petrov cross or Lathraéa currently belongs to the plant family of the blue grass. Until recently, this bipartite included in the list of Figwort. Most often this wonderful plant selects for the life of shady places in forests and in the Caucasus. A typical place of growth represented by broad-leaved and spruce-broad-leaved forests. Individual plants can be observed in forest areas of temperate climate.

Types of plants

Wide popularity and dissemination of the acquired several types of these plants:

secretive or Lathraea clandestina;

Japanese or Lathraea japonica; purple or Lathraea purpurea; Balkan/Rhodope or Lathraea rhodopea; scaly/ordinary or Lathraea squamaria typus.

Description of plants

The genus Petrov cross from the right Anadivine include several species of flowering plants that parasitize the root system of many trees or shrubs. A characteristic feature is the absence in the plant of chlorophyll.

Height covered with fleshy modified leaves of the stem is from fifteen to thirty centimeters. For the root system characteristic of joining corneocites another tree or Bush.

The root system of plants suction cups attached to the root system of a tree due to which this herb sometimes considerable distances. The plant has kisteobraznoe inflorescence, and the flower color varies depending on the species.

The initial stage of development of the king-the grass is held in underground layers. The main growing season is during the spring, when the grass is entering the phase of active SAP movement.

Interesting facts

Petrov cross refers to a very peculiar and interesting representatives of the Russian flora. For your “power” this grass uses the power of plants and belongs to the representatives of the flowers-parasites. The structure of the rhizome gave the plant a specific name. The roots have a branching at an angle of ninety degrees, and resemble a kind of cross.

Petrov Cross is a parasite of the forests (video)

Very interesting and a stalk of a plant. It is covered with white scales, having a peculiar cavity that emerge from a narrow slit, and slightly resemble the glands of carnivorous plants. This feature has allowed us to refer Petrov cross for some time to the category of plants-predators. Today the grass is “rehabilitated” his good name, and property scales is attributed to the evaporation of moisture secreted through the glands.

Plant growth

Petrov cross is a bright representative of plant-parasites, pink blossoms which resemble candles. This herb is not capable of the processes of Photosynthesis and does not possess green leaves and stem. The most often described the plant parasite on the roots of alder, Linden, poplar, wild cherry and hazel. White highly branched roots fused with the roots of a tree-donor.

The grass plants are visible only in the spring, and the seeds are able to quickly ripen and fall. Grow a plant on the land virtually impossible, and in the natural environment, Petrov cross is considered to be a rare and endangered species of medicinal plants.

Medicinal properties

For use in medicinal purpose, it is necessary to harvest plant material in the flowering period. Use is subject to all the grass entirely.

Petrov cross is widely used for the treatment of diseases of the liver, gallbladder, kidney, gastrointestinal tract and gynecological diseases.

The plant helps to regulate the ovulation of the egg and its fertilization stimulates and normalizes muscle tone of uterus. Due to such properties, medicinal plant used for the treatment of infertility.

The king-the grass is well established in the treatment of ascites and cirrhosis. In addition, she has the ability to rid the body of excess fluid and stimulate the activity of the heart, kidneys and liver.

Marked antitumor properties of plants due to the large number of alkylating agents.

The use of medicinal plants

The most common formulation of various decoctions of herbs Petrov cross. For a properly prepared broth used crushed roots of this medicinal plant.

One tablespoon of vegetable raw material is poured a glass of boiling water. The infusion is necessarily closed by a cover and is brewed on a low heat for twenty minutes. Then ready broth cool to room temperature and filtered. This decoction should be taken twice a day half a Cup.

No less efficiency has tincture Petrov cross, which thanks to the relatively easy method of manufacture which enjoys much popularity and demand.

To prepare you need the fresh herb, crushed roots of which should more than half fill the glass bowl. Chopped raw material is poured 60% alcohol.

Received grass-alcohol mixture insist in a dark and cool place for at least three weeks.

Capacity required daily shake to obtain a uniform distribution of plants.

The resulting tincture is used for half an hour before meals. Before the use of thirty drops of the tincture should be diluted with fifty milliliters of water.

Flowering plants Petrov cross (video)

The greatest efficiency has the grass plants Petrov cross in combination with Aconite. the Hemlock, lumbago and spurge Pallas, which have excellent medicinal properties.

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