The shaman’s path

I believe that shamanism is neither a religion nor a doctrine. Shamanism is the most ancient and effective practice for entry into the special state of consciousness in which we will have natural and inherent to every person the ability to see things for what they are, beyond temporal and spatial limitations, as well as to influence events in life using the power of his consciousness. Such abilities can have any man, if his mind and his brain begin to work in full force, which often happens in shamanic ceremonies. Light shamans use this power to cleanse, heal, protect and to light the people with whom I work.

Shamans are ordinary people, who have mastered the technique of entering into such a special state of consciousness, after many years of practice traditional shamanistic school, which still exists in some poorly-civilized parts of nusapenida. The basis of studying shamanism is to establish a deep connection of the shaman with the nature of the locality where he lives. To become a shaman, one must have a talent for this craft, as well as great perseverance in training, which lasts for decades. Usually it is easier to become a shaman, if he were the ancestors of the shamans and if there is strong live the shamans, from whom he can learn. Unfortunately, currently most shamanic birth is interrupted. In fact, strong shamans live the last years on Earth. Many shamanic childbirth can continue is an open question, which is, in my opinion, is of great importance for all humanity.

More about the shamans, modern shamans and their role in shamanic ceremonies I write in his book “Shamanism. Bridge between worlds”.

How at the present time, the shaman chooses a apprentice?

The spirit shaman on the student, or the shaman himself makes such a choice?

Almost any Indian boy or girl who will take seriously to study the shaman’s craft, have good chances to become shamans because they have a real opportunity to accumulate the power of many ancestral spirits of their ancestors. But for this they will need to go back in time, which dictates the Indians desire to be closer to modern civilization and in fact to dissolve it, which inevitably entails the loss of their roots.

If we take for example the Amazon region, where I worked a lot the last ten years, we will see that shamans are almost no real disciples. Youth in Indian villages departs from the traditional way of life and more eager to civilization in the city. And even the obvious benefits of acquiring such a popular in their surroundings profession not pushing for training. The influence of civilization, which the Indians were subjected to the last few decades.

Newcomer the same person is even more difficult to become a true shaman. It is difficult to establish a deeper connection with nature, in which you and your ancestors have never lived. And it is of great importance in learning shamanism. It’s hard to live a life that you never led. But in the end, and the master shamans, and spirits react to the force of intention of the person. Nothing is impossible.

What Indians used in shamanic ceremonies power plants?

In some regions of our planet, for example, in Amazonia and Mexico, the shamans are traditionally used in the practice of its power plants. This is one of the most effective methods of entering States of heightened awareness. If we’re talking about these shamanistic traditions, in the modern world shamanic ceremonies are exactly the same as thousands of years ago. If to speak about inhabitants of cities, who, wishing to play in shamanism, yourself use such plants, it is self-indulgence, which can be quite dangerous. Power plants should be consumed only in traditional shamanic ceremonies, in the places where these traditions alive, and only under the supervision of experienced shamans. These plants in a shamanic ceremony can send a man to the long hours journey, the experience of which in its strength and scope might many times exceed all the experience of the man in my life.

Than participation in shamanic ceremonies differs from self-consumption of psychedelics?

Independent experimentation with power plants, and especially with chemical psychedelics, dangerous. Do not advise anyone to do this. Shamans in ceremonies to protect man and guide his journey in the right direction. If this is not done, the result will be unpredictable journey. The shaman every moment of the ceremony sees and knows what is going on with the person. And never let the process take its course. If a person becomes the journey is hard, for example, he was in a difficult experience or he was afraid that the shaman knows how to navigate through this condition and bring to light and joy.

Is there addiction to power plants?

No. They do not cause addiction. And furthermore, anyone who repeatedly held the traditional ceremony, know that often need a lot of courage to decide to repeat these trips. This path is not for the faint of heart.

As the ceremony affect human health? It is not harmful?

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