Five Superfoods which everyone should know

Relatively recently in this regard in Russia spoke about the so-called Superfoods (superfood). This is a group of natural products, combining the fruits of the plants, karenia, sprouts, seaweeds and seeds. It is believed that the prefix “super” they are indebted for their nutrients, the concentration of which they are much more than in all other products.

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Marketers left and right tell us that with regular use in combination with the General principles of good nutrition, Superfoods erase the traces of improper lifestyle, unbalanced diets and even the negative impact of bad environment. However, to date, there is no global medical research proving the therapeutic effects of such food.

But it is known that almost all products from the group of Superfoods used for thousands of years. Say at once that they never replaced the normal nutrition, Superfoods always went in addition to it.

But, as usual, in the pursuit of fashion people often forget to understand what actually are these natural food additives.

Varieties of Superfoods there are many. In Russia very popular so far acquired five products. We will understand in order that they represent.

In recent years interest towards small coral-red fruits of a Bush of Goji is marketed as a “cure-all”, having allegedly unique concentration of microelements and antioxidants.

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Indeed, since the times of Ancient China “berries of immortality,” as it was then called Goji, is extensively used in folk medicine: the Chinese believed that a handful of sweet fruit at a time is able to supply the body with over 20 vitamins. Eat them in dried form.

The Goji grows in China, the Himalayas and Tibet. Few people know, but in Russia the bushes also grow in the wild. They look similar to the barberry, but the fruits of the latter are more acidic.

It is believed that the main advantage of Goji berries is contained in them the flavonoids, which remove excess fat from the body and help the liver to prevent its accumulation.

Acai and Guarana

Common in the Amazon area. Residents of the region many centuries ago believed that acai berries can give the human physical and moral strength. Today they also ascribed rejuvenating and detoxifying properties.

Acai berry – natural energy drink, and its bioflavonoid and antioxidants will help to maintain performance even in the most stressful periods.

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Geographically close to grow acai and Guarana. It is believed that the fruits of the vines help to increase endurance and keep fit. Explains everything is simple – seeds of guarana chemical composition identical to caffeine. Still in the region most of the get caffeine from guarana.

Today, guarana can be found in the composition of some energy drinks. Also the plant extract is used in sports nutrition.

However, it is worth remembering that excessive consumption of energy drinks with guarana, along with caffeine and taurine can lead to negative health effects. Although side effects from consuming only plants of guarana was observed very rarely, doctors still recommend not to abuse this product.

Chia seed gives a plant from the genus Salvia Hispanica. In large quantities it can be found in Mexico and Guatemala, the plant is cultivated in South America.

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In nature there are Chia seed white and black, but no difference between them.

It is believed that Chia are a natural cleanser of toxins from the body. They are rich in linolenic and other omega-3-unsaturated fatty acids. In Chia you can find a lot of herbal calcium: one hundred grams of seeds of calcium will be two times more than in a glass of milk. Moreover, the seeds do not contain cholesterol. However, even this product has a number of contraindications.

At the same time we will note that ten years ago, in 2005, the European Union, where Spanish sage is less well known than in South America, called him the seeds of a promising form of food supplements.

In fact, this blue-green algae that contains up to 70 percent of complete vegetable protein, with 100-protsentno digestibility. Manufacturers recommend it when fatigue, iron deficiency and as an organic protein Supplement in sports. However, its role as a drug remains to be seen.

Spirulina refers to microscopic multicellular cyanobacteria that grow in the waters of Africa, Asia and South America. Today it is actively cultivated worldwide, including in Russia.

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Feature of spirulina is its ability to survive temperatures up to 60 degrees.

However, spirulina protein unlike meat, eggs and milk, has a lower content of essential amino acids – methionine, cysteine and lysine. However, according to these indicators, spirulina is superior to other vegetable protein sources such as legumes.

What are the dangers of spirulina? Some cyanobacteria, a form of which is spirulina, secrete toxins. They can cause digestive disorders, and in the long term lead to more serious diseases. These toxic compounds not produced by spirulina itself, but may arise as a result of contamination by other types of blue-green algae. Also of concern is the frequent contamination of spirulina supplements with heavy metals. All of this requires tight regulation of the conditions of production of spirulina.

One of the most popular types of superfood today – beans prepared in the pod, the juice of young shoots of wheat. This drink is rich emerald green called the most powerful purifier of blood.

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Hollywood recent years is experiencing a real fashion beans prepared in the pod: local stars drink it for Breakfast, before exercise and between snacking.

For what it so love? One serving of juice contains a huge dose of vitamin B12, deficiency of which causes certain types of anemia. The drink consists of 70 percent chlorophyll, and the remaining 30 percent is 92 different minerals of the 102 possible, beta-carotene, vitamins b, C, E, K, nearly 20 amino acids and other nutrients. A total of 30 ml of Vilagrassa on the content of nutrients are equal to almost a kilogram of fresh green vegetables.

The molecular structure of Wetgrass close to the structure of human red blood cells. Crude chlorophyll contained in the juice, actively protects all the internal organs. However, it also has a number of contraindications.

In addition, among the obvious disadvantages – rapid loss of enzyme activity: after only 15 minutes of preparation from the useful properties of Vilagrassa will not remain and a trace.

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