Psoriasis — one of the diagnoses, which is called “shock”. Saw people on body scaly patches — and scared. To the doctor — or foot, and tries to heal itself. We collected many incantations, recipes on the Internet and “on the fence”. About 80% of them were. useless.


— Roxie, I have a problem! — complained to my friend.

— Got pregnant? — I was just joking around.

— No, my skin flakes up blood! The neighbor said it looks like psoriasis, and have asked not to approach her child, lest he be infected, î she said in tears.

In “the Modern Medical Encyclopedia” we read that psoriasis is “a chronic, retidiviruuschem disease recognizable by silvery spots are flaky skin and plaques”. Realized little. Then, leaving shy to go out friend house, I make sure to keep half the town and ripped off the poles all got ads. Unknown entities promised to cure the disease in three weeks way to deal with gas exchange in the body. The sentence seemed light delirium at the molecular level. Sadaba some recipes offered by traditional healers, seemed foolish, some were struck by the complexity of the implementation, and others — were surprised in their composition.


In the middle ages luminative the wounds of psoriasis “rose of the devil”. Dark spots, covered with silver scales, and indeed slightly resemble the Bud of a flower. Because curing disease is not able, it spread throughout the body, and the unbearable itching forced patients to brush the wound to bleed. This bloody mess surrounding the Scarecrow, inspired mystical horror. The disease is considered one of the worst and put the sick in a leper colony — a home for lepers.

Tips for “people of the middle ages”. They gave healers, proudly call themselves traditional healers. Some recommended “to eat of the Holy Ghost”: to exclude from a diet meat, fat, oil, bread and other products. And one doctor even encouraged to eat only watermelon and low fat cottage cheese. How to replace a striped berry in the winter — was not specified. Especially the believers were asked to smear the sore spots with a decoction of buckwheat, then read the plot on the red cloth to wipe it and go to bed, then up in the morning to talk. Otherwise, even a red rag to save.

Shocked recipe, “100% effective”. Protein slander and smear the sore spots. Then you need to give a branch of aspen to the virgin whose first time having periods that she broke her knee. This thread should be burned down, saying: “Gori quickly, the body will be pure. Amen.”

It was also suggested to collect condensation from the Windows weeping and drench them several times affected skin. Is another prescription treatment: patient skin smear “horse soap” — the foam that develops in horses after running. Herbalists claim that the skin quickly cleared.

Calm down and let it be. This is what are the recipes for baths, creams and ointments. Their variety on the Internet and in reference books of nonconventional medicine can capture the imagination of the person. Many healers claim that the baths of Valerian and starch, cream can not only soothe, to wash sins, but to heal.

Unlike recipes sadaba, apparatus and devices on the Internet mentioned a few times. Their actions are described abstruse words, probably so that no one guessed. Some devices work

according to the principle of audiovisual stimulation and influence of wave activity of the cerebral cortex: listened to music, looked at the flickering light bulb — and completely forgotten about the sore. There are devices led therapy acting on the musculoskeletal system, the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue, blood, and lymphatic system. Your advice — and healthy!

Alas, no method have not inspired us, and I persuaded a friend to leave his residence and go to the doctor.


— Good that you brought a friend once, ‘ said us Yuriy Babiy, dermatologist Central clinic Podolsk district. — And many are afraid to go to the doctor and being treated with anything. I had one patient who, on the advice of the witch doctor smeared the wounds with feces. As a result, the psoriasis spread throughout the body. Lately there is a tendency to be treated in the urine, but in addition to acute illness I haven’t watched.


Psoriasis or psoriasis — a serious chronic disease not only of the skin but the entire body. Causes of disease still not known, but they may be heredity, stress, impaired immune mechanism and the metabolism. Suffer from psoriasis, usually 2 to 4% of people aged 10 to 40 years. It usually begins with the appearance of one or more scaly plaques. The size of some — with the nail of the thumb, but sometimes they grow and cover large areas of skin. Shingles usually covers the head, elbows, knees, back and buttocks. Can also be affected skin around and under the nails, eyebrows, armpits, navel and groin.

— Psoriasis is not contagious and not transmitted through contact with the patient, î says Yuri Mikhailovich. — So far the doctors have not found a method of complete cure from this disease, but, constantly podlechivayas, a person can live a normal life. If nothing to do — can lead to dangerous complications, such as arthritis, dermatitis, etc.

According to doctors, modern medicine traditional healing does not recognize. You cannot cure this complex disease among the plots and water from window panes. Together with a horse and then can lead to infection. But here’s a diet to follow. Not only out of the diet all in a row. Remove only spicy dishes. To combat the disease, the body needs proteins, fats and carbohydrates, that is a complete nutritious food.

— Bath give only a preventive effect, î says Yuriy Babiy. — Healthful tarry, coniferous, hydrogen sulfide and turpentine. They have anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, harm can not bring. But starch is nothing good say, people were covered with a layer of liquid starch and effect — zero. Creams and ointments are also used as a means for prevention. What kind of cream — depends on the individual characteristics of the patient’s body.

The leading method of treatment of psoriasis is Pouteria — treatment with special devices. However, many patients use unproven devices, which, in addition to calm or nervous irritation, do not benefit. With regard to all sorts of ads on the fences and columns, according to the doctor, the drugs are advertised there, is not licensed. Usually they are expensive, but the effect — doubtful.


If the skin starts to peel off, hurry to the doctor. Only he can determine the disease and to provide expert assistance. Maybe you just need to drink a sedative, because hands can itch and nerves.

If your family has psoriasis patients — it doesn’t mean that you’ll get sick too. But we must be careful to follow the diet, avoid stress and maintain good hygiene.

If you already suffer from psoriasis, do not despair, and remember that the treatment should be combined: tablets, baths and ointments together. Folk remedies by themselves — only prevention.

Try to avoid sunburn, skin irritation, medication against malaria, lithium drugs or the application of any cosmetic that may cause worsening of the disease.

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