Special permission to engage in national medicine (healing)

Pursuant to part 1 of article 74-1 of the law of Ukraine “fundamentals of legislation of Ukraine on health protection”, national medicine (healing) – these are methods of healing, prevention, diagnosis and treatment, based on the experience of generations of people, deep-seated in folk traditions and do not need state registration .

Unclear is the question of what exactly are the requirements for individuals who intend to practice medicine in the field of traditional medicine, what documents you need to obtain to confirm the right to engage in this activity of individuals and the order they are received.

Now note that the right to engage in folk medicine and healing may be granted to a person in accordance with the legislation registered as natural person-entrepreneur and to which no requirement, the availability of special medical education. That is, no special medical education is not an obstacle to obtaining the rights to practice medicine in this sphere, that is the key.

But this does not mean that education in this case is closed, because in the future, namely in the process of registration of documents for the occupation of folk medicine (healing). you will need to submit copies of the following documents : certificates, certificates , diplomas, drugindustry issued in accordance with the established procedure in higher medical educational institutions of Ukraine of different levels of accreditation, institutions of qualification improvement and training or equated with the right to issue the state certificates in accordance with applicable law. They certify the level of education necessary to practice folk medicine, which is a common requirement, and are the mastery of medical knowledge within the requirements of the programmes approved by the Ministry of health of Ukraine, basis of medical knowledge and methods of traditional medicine, as well as increasing the level of knowledge on scientific events (conferences, symposia, etc.) and courses.

Importantly, permits the person to engage in the practice of medicine in traditional medicine is not a license and special permission to engage in national medicine (healing) .

01.01.2013 entered into force the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine . which was approved the Procedure for the issuance and revocation of the special authorization to engage in national medicine (healing). that defines the procedure for issuing or refusal to issue, reissue, issue of duplicate and cancellation of special permission for activity in folk medicine (healing) .

Duties for issuing special permits to carry out medical activities in folk and alternative medicine persons wishing to engage in medical practice in this area, cancellation of special permits , monitoring the certification and examination the healing abilities of persons with no formal medical education, the control over the work of persons practicing in the field of alternative medicine, other duties for the implementation of key tasks and activities in the field of folk medicine (healing) Ministry of health entrusted to the State enterprise “the Committee on traditional and alternative medicine Ministry of health of Ukraine”.

In connection with the entry into force of the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, mentioned above, has modified the procedure for issuing the special authorization to engage in national medicine (healing) and a list of documents. necessary to obtain it.

Consequently, a person intending to engage in national medicine (healing), or his designee for a special permit shall submit to the Ministry of health the application for issuance of a special permit in the form prescribed by the CMU. The statement made also in one copy is attached for details of where the lesson in folk medicine (healing) and the arrangement of rooms designed for occupation by traditional medicine (healing), established by the Ministry of health form duly certified copies of the conclusion of the state sanitary-epidemiological examination, attestation and expert opinion supporting the existence of healing abilities, obtained in the manner prescribed by the Ministry of health. The statement and documents are accepted according to the inventory of documents in the form prescribed by the Ministry of health.

The decision to grant special permission or denial of its issuance, with written notice of the issuance of the special authorization or on refusal in its granting with indication of legal grounds for such denial shall be made within thirty working days from the date of filing the application and documents .

In the case of a decision on issuing a special permit from the Ministry of health provides the document of payment of the fee for issuing such permit in the prescribed amount, which is credited to the state budget. Currently the size is one minimum wage, whose amount is established by law for the respective period.

The validity of a special permit is five years.

Currently the Ministry of health developed the draft orders “On the Ministry’s dealings with the State enterprise “the Committee on traditional and alternative medicine Ministry of health of Ukraine” and “On the Procedure of issuing the attestation and expert opinion confirming the existence of healing abilities”, which more thoroughly address the question of the procedure for obtaining a special authorization to engage in national medicine (healing).

The Ministry of health determines the qualifications requirements for physical persons – entrepreneurs and conditions lesson in folk medicine (healing).

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