Point longevity TSU San Li

Years helps point longevity TSU-San-Li

Acupuncture area on the body that is responsible for the longevity of the body,in Japan is called “the point of a hundred diseases”. In Chinese medicine this point is called “TSU-San-Li” or “point of longevity”.

How to find the point of longevity

How to find the point of longevity?

It can be found as follows:

place your hand on the knee so that the fingers were pinned to the tibia

the tip of the ring finger points to the longing of longevity

it is located just below ( three CUN), from the outer edges of the patellas, in a small cavity

Tsun-the smallest unit of measurement in China,equal to about 3.33 cm, But still the point TSU – San – Li each person individually,so it is necessary to determine the width of four fingers(except large). The width of your four fingers is three tsunyami.

Point TSU San Li

Point TSU San Li is the classification of the E36.

The name of the point zu San Li can be translated as follows: “TSU” is “foot”, “San” is “three”; “Li” — “a settlement, located on carriageways ways.” Tszu-San-Li — a “village”, located on the foot is three CUN below the knee.

Is responsible for what this point? Why is it in Apariensia point of a hundred diseases?Because it:

supervises the work of all organs located in the lower half of the body

supervises the work of the spinal cord in those departments that are responsible for normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract,all organs of the gastrointestinal tract,genital organs,kidneys, adrenal glands

Massage the point zu San Li can increase the activity

of the adrenal glands. the most powerful glands,which serve as the main custodians of health. They secrete adrenaline into the blood, hydrocortisone, and other valuable hormones.

If daily massage the point of longevity,it is possible to normalize the adrenal glands,which perform the following functions in the body:

the normalization of arterial blood pressure

normalization of glucose metabolism,insulin

suppression of inflammatory processes in the body

regulation of immune functions of the body

Also massaging the point of longevity can be:

to improve digestion

to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

to treat the effects of stroke

The point of longevity on my knees

The point of longevity is under the ring finger

The list of symptoms and diseases,which shows its use:


dizziness ,

arterial hypertension,




urinary incontinence ,

urinary retention,

febrile illness

diseases of the oral cavity,

diseases of the eye,

dysfunction of the stomach,

liver disease

pain in the abdomen and the epigastric region,

ulcer of stomach and duodenum,




diarrhoeal disorders,



loss of appetite,

rheumatoid arthritis and knee pain,



paralysis and weakness in the legs.

How to influence the point of longevity

There are hot methods:

with wormwood cigars at a distance of 2-3 cm from the skin surface,approximately 20-30 minutes

superimposed on point pepper patch (3 days)

superimposed on the point cut the cloves of garlic (to determine individually until the redness, about 1-2 hours)

The effects of warming methods should be to first redness.That is, it cannot overheat and will not allow burned skin.

Recommended mechanical methods of influence:

acupressure fingers

acupressure grains or cereals: buckwheat,Cayenne,wheat

Perform the massage in a circular motion clockwise. Before the massage,select a comfortable,relaxing posture. Calm breath. Focus your attention on your senses,immerse yourself into a state of harmony and understanding that you start the healing procedure.

To affect the point zu San Li is needed in the first two weeks of the month 1st-15th of each month.

Additional points of longevity

There are several other points of longevity, promotes health, rejuvenation of the body and prolong life.

Point “Sea of tranquility”

Point “Sea of tranquility” enhances the nervous centers controlling the recovery of the body.

Fold hands in front of chest as in prayer. Thumbs will feel the protruding part of the breast. Here feel for that point which is the centre of converging of the meridians. This is the point of chakra.

In this position, with folded hands,slightly bend the joints of the thumb,take deep breaths and think about something good,as if dissolving in bliss. Breaths should not be less than 12.

The point of the “Valley of meetings”

Point Hae-GU is located between the thumb and forefinger

The point of the “Valley of meetings” ( Hae-GU) relieves pain,improves metabolism,detoxifies.

The thumb of one hand to massage the point on the crease between the thumb and forefinger of the other hand.

Massage this point helps to improve the condition of an organism at colds, sore throat,runny nose.

The point of the “Third eye”

The point of the “Third eye” improves vision,develops intuition,helps with high blood pressure,insomnia,anxiety.

Apply pressure with the thumb of the right hand on the point between the eyebrows.

“Sunny point”

Sunny point charged with positive energy,relieve pain.

Massage two points,which are located on the temples, near the hairline.

Point “Bubbling spring”

Point “Bubbling spring” (dot Yu Quan )contributes to the accumulation of vital forces. Located on the foot. For her massage grab the foot hands and massage well place under the ball of the foot (the front part of the foot). At the same time you can massage the whole foot,because it is the accumulation of a huge number of biologically active points,contributing to the good functioning of the internal organs.

The point of the “Gate of consciousness”

Systematic effects on the point of longevity helps to cure many diseases and prolong life.

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