The cultivation of medicinal plants as a business

Have not written in the rubric of “Business in the village “, now going to catch up by adding three new articles on the same topic. This article is about the business on cultivation of medicinal plants.

Medicinal plants

Second — about the business on their collection (see here ) and the third will be devoted to cultivating ginseng on private land for sale (see here ). The fourth article is dedicated to the breeding of medicinal plants at home, go to the heading “Work at home “.

Coming, therefore, because the subject of earnings of medical plants is quite extensive and, in addition, we particularly pay attention to those plants which will give good returns when grown in a small area. While collecting information on this topic, several times met the proposal type of business, the cultivation of the plot such plants as chamomile and calendula. Even if you take them all 6-15 acres, abandoning potatoes and tomatoes, those unfortunate few kilos of dried flowers, which they can obtain, will bring its manufacturer absolutely ridiculous money.

It was the Preface, temerpature about business in the village – cultivation of medicinal plants for sale . Options business activities associated with the production, cultivation, collection and sale of medicinal plants:

The cultivation or collection of raw materials to pharmaceutical factories, perfume manufacturing or food production.

The implementation of the population potted herbs (this will be detailed in the article “Cultivation of medicinal plants in home for sale”).

Own production of cosmetic and medicinal herbs and infusions and their subsequent implementation.

Growing and selling rare and wild food plants (this will be a separate article).

I would advise to start by finding out where in your area to realize a large amount of medicinal plants. First, remember what the industry needs in medicinal plants. It is not only pharmaceuticals, but also cosmetics and food. Find out if this company is nearby and what exactly they need. You can even go there and ask. To all the companies who are somehow related to the above industry.

For example, in the area where I live, in the district center canning factory. There was producing pickles, tomato paste, all kinds of seaming and good drinks. Here is the company distributed to nearby farms in order to rasterops and those she grew up, because there is this drug that sticker is quite expensive. It was added into soft drinks and some alcoholic drinks.

Echinacea, Centaurea, Adonis

Also, you may recall that liquor production quite often in their products add herbs. So, if you have something similar nearby, check there. It so happens that you want something in the volume that I see no reason to reach large agricultural producers, but for privateers they will be at the time. Or requires plants of some rare and whimsical appearance, or for production needs only the fresh plant. In General, all options listed, all you need to know on the spot.

But it is better not to go empty handed and come up with a couple of its proposals. Even if they are not interested, still understand that you “get it” and maybe offer something of my own. If this plant is rare and unlikely, sell it somewhere else, it is advisable to enter into a contract with the company, meaning that they are obliged to buy such quantity of raw materials on the price.

In addition, some plants take and pharmacies, so there is also need to ask questions. If pharmacists do not know, ask them to right in front of you called to the head office, surely they’ll say something more definite. So much is written about finding of buyers, because in any case, the implementation is one of the most important segments of business and without it success virtually impossible. How and why to attract regular customers will write in detail in the article “herbs”, and now moving on to talking about the plants themselves.

The number of medicinal plants is enormous. Some of them are well-known and constantly used in the pharmaceutical industry, and in home medicine, the other part is less popular but is more expensive and also has its fans. The easiest way to grow plants and so growing in your area, but it is more important to cultivate those that bring a good profit. The choice of plants for business depends on many factors:

climatic conditions;

of the soil;

the needs of customers (what plants are in demand in the market);

the area under the fit (even if you only have 6 acres, it is likely that nearby you can rent a few hectares);

the availability of equipment;

the ability to attract or hire assistants.

As you can see, the choice of plants for such businesses in the village depends on a number of factors. So I do not have the ability to recommend something specific. I just want to say that, firstly, it is necessary to raise not one, but several types, preferably with different planting dates and harvesting. Secondly, there must be a well-known medicinal plants . and so rare and difficult to care for. Thirdly, even if all you’re doing great, keep on experimenting, that is, to look for new species and to learn their cultivation. in the end no one bothers with the time to give this business to trust and to do something new. The factory, which was in need of milk Thistle, long ago, bought a big businessman and is closed. And it is not uncommon in the modern world, so the learning, at least some guarantee of success in these uncertain times.

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