The draft law on certification of folk healers will introduce to the state Duma in autumn

Deputies of the state Duma in the autumn will contribute to the lower house of Parliament amended an article about folk medicine of the law “On fundamentals of protection of health of citizens of the Russian Federation”. The bill will provide for mandatory certification of folk healers, including homeopaths, herbalists, specialists in Chinese medicine and so on, explained the Chairman of the Duma Committee on health protection Sergei Kalashnikov. It is assumed that to test healers will be self-regulating organization (SRO). They will provide specific specialists licenses and to monitor their activities.

“In these organizations, the professionals will examine each and will be held responsible for every certified healer. If it will cause harm to the patient, such realites will have to exclude from the community and deny a license,” explained Kalashnikov.

The operation of such works will be strictly regulated, he said. Its members will include experts in each area of folk medicine, which, according to Kalashnikov, and will be authorized to issue a license in their field. It and the Chinese medicine, Indian Ayurveda, as well as the Russian national, for example, Buryat traditionalmedicine. “We are working and homeopaths, and herbalists, and even those who treats bee honey, – said the MP. – Folk medicine is now legally permitted, because it does exist, there is experience all over the world. But there is a need for stricter regulation of this activity”.

According to Kalashnikov, the impetus for the development of amendments to the bill was the recommendation of the world health organization (who) best to use traditional medicine as complementary to traditional. The MP also said that the introduction of specific rules would not allow charlatans to deceive people, pretending to be healers.

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“You need to control, to a charlatan or a swindler not declared himself, for example, Chinese healer. Issuing a special permit, public agencies will be responsible for their healers. We can not allow the existence of single-fraudsters,” – said Kalashnikov.

What should be the responsibility of the SRO, is still under discussion. Kalashnikov recalled that the activities of psychics and “sorcerers” of healing does not apply. “In the Federal law on health care stipulated that traditional medicine does not carry any mages and psychics,” he said.

He noted, however, that the activities of these charlatans continue to advertise widely. “It is a defect of the Federal Antimonopoly service, which regulates the advertising, If someone is advertising their psychic services – this means that it should be prosecuted for illegal business because we have a healing psychics and witches is forbidden.”

Recall that, according to the Code of administrative offences, the penalty for illegal occupation of traditional medicine is from 2 to 4 thousand rubles. Meanwhile, some pseudo-healers entitled criminal cases. So, in Moscow now is a trial in the case of a woman who combined the trade of heroin and methadone to divination and healing. In its apartment the police found documents in which a woman is listed as a psychic and healer. The investigation found that she acted as a specialist in the field of alternative medicine in the talk show “Let them talk”. Woman charged with selling drugs, legalization of 12 million rubles, obtained by criminal means.

Last year “Fair Russia” introduced to the state Duma a bill, which legalized not only traditional medicine, but the mages and the psychics. The document said that they will be obliged to obtain a license and work under the supervision of medical staff. However, the bill was rejected because the Committee on health of the lower house of Parliament had no idea how you can license the occult-mystical services and one of the “witches” be considered as professionals.

Note that in 2006, the health Ministry created a register of healers – the system of voluntary certification in the field of traditional medicine. Those who have already undergone the procedure, gave a certificate stating that his methods would not cause the patient harm. Will they be of any help – silent. The registry has existed for several years and was closed.

Chairman of the Russian professional Association of specialists of traditional and folk medicine Konstantin Sukhov said  that is the Association – initiator of the introduction of the certification system. He believes that self-regulatory organization should be one in all the profiles of folk medicine. “In our Association, for example, someone engaged hirudotherapy, ie treatment with leeches, phytotherapy, someone chiropractical, – he explained.

The expert supported the idea that the licensing and certification of healers should not make health officials, and professionals in this field. “Experts will be able to identify who is who”,- said Sukhov.

Doctor of medical science, the former judge of “Register of healers” when Roszdravnadzor Andrew Lee also supported the idea of certification of specialists in folk medicine. “Healing needs to be controlled, because in this area working a lot of different people and the quality of their services is questionable. Certification and quality assessment professionals can implement social organization”, – said Andrey.

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